Friday, December 11, 2015

The Jews

I want to make a short post here at this time because this issue is timely precisely because of this pontificate, Nostra Aetate, and how the current Vatican views Our Lord.

First, I want to state that the situation of the Jews, vis a vis, the Church is certainly above my pay grade.  Though I consider myself smart, this is a very complicated issue that requires genius, faith, prayer and deep thought in order to begin to approach this relationship.  Though many saints of the Church have addressed this topic before, I feel like the Church has succumbed to one of the great heresies of our age -- the idea that the current crop of humans are smarter than all the other humans who have ever lived.

With that said, the Jews, as their current theology demands, do not believe the Jesus Christ is the son of God and the 2nd part of the trinity.  This is a problem since we as Catholics obviously believe this.  They fundamentally reject the incarnation of God made man who is both God and man.  As Catholics and believers, we MUST have a problem with this.  Likewise, if we believe that Jesus is the 2nd part of the trinity and that to reject Christ is to reject God, we have to pray and hope that the Jews will recognize this error in belief and come to the fullness of understanding of God.  Anything less than this, and for all nonbelievers by the way, is a defilement of Our Lord and a betrayal of our creed and Faith.  How can we be Catholics if we don't actively want AND ACT for those who don't believe to one day believe?

I consider this latest statement by the Vatican, which has this nebulous definition of not being official Church teaching but is still being propagated as it is (kind of like Ad Populum becoming the de facto position of the priest during Mass though there is nothing de jure to justify that.), a disgrace.  Not because it is "respectful" to the Jews but because it is disrespectful of Our Lord.

How many times must our Church leadership and other public Catholics attack and disrespect Our Lord before faithful Catholics respond?  How much is enough?  How many masses need to be held by disbelieving priests where the Eucharist is desecrated AGAIN AND AGAIN without rebuke?

This statement about the conversion of the Jews isn't about the Jews.  It's about our leadership and what we believe about Our Lord.

At what point does our Catholic leadership excommunicate themselves from the Church they say they lead? 

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