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Civilization, explained - part 1

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Almost a month ago, after the sneak attack by Muslims on Paris, I wrote about the betrayal of humanity.  I specifically referenced the Church's responsibility in informing and guiding the faithful, from a spiritual POV, in this new war.  I also specifically said that they seem remarkably per-occupied with a false definition of mercy when the next world war is active and on our doorstep.  Obviously, nothing has changed.  But I want to go into further depth because I consider this to be, on the secular level, the most important subject that I can address on this blog.

Players in the Game

We Catholics are easily confused that the countries that we live in, particularly in the West, are as part of us as the Church.  In essence, we continue to act as if we live in the Christendom of the Medieval world.  We seem to think that the cultures we live in reflect our spiritual values and that the governments that lead these cultures are cohesive to our values and lives.  We are hearing, particularly in America with the recent immigration position by Donald Trump, that his position is not consistent with American "values".  But what does that mean?  Does it mean what we think it means?  And are those values our values?

Previous generations would never ask these questions because despite the fact that the governments were distinctly secular, the were comprised of people who we knew shared our values.  Even in a country like America, where it is predominantly Protestant with a Catholic minority, there were things that the Protestants didn't reject that were present in our culture, like the sanctity of Sunday for example.  And we could assume that the actions of the government reflected our Christian values and were comfortable living in those countries.

The secular revolution of the last 50 years (funny how that number keeps coming up) has dramatically changed this situation to the point where, I believe, we are aliens in our own countries.  We are increasingly told about "western values" that have no logical or rational basis and have been "invented" over this time period.  In fact, many of them are explicitly contrary to our values.  But because it is coming from our country and government, many Catholics and Christians overall are assuming that these "western values" are our values.  That would be a false assumption.

We need to get to the point where we accept that as faithful Catholics, our current experience is far more akin to Pre-Constantine Rome than 14th century France.  The countries that we live in, which were once explicitly Christian (whatever denomination) are now explicitly secular.  In essence, our Christian values have been weighed, measured and found wanting.  Our Christian worldview has been deemed by others to be insufficient to the modern world and those who continue to hold to those opinions are backward, archaic and, possibly, dangerous.

Across the West, from America to Europe to Australia, what are standard Christian values and perspectives are now considered racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic and superstitious.  Science and reason are thrown in our face, as if our Faith and values weren't based upon the logic and reason that God has given us combined with our supernatural faith in order for us to discern the Truth as well as how to properly live our lives.

Another thing needs to be understood about this secular world.  To many of them, the reason why there are backward elements in western civilization is because of Christianity.  Christians are the final roadblocks to their new secular world order, banishing us, our Faith and Our Lord to the dustbin of history as just another "philosophy" that didn't work in the end.  The historian Francis Fukuyama wrote about the "end of history" after the fall of the Soviet Union and the eternal dominance of liberal democracy across the world.  What that "liberal democracy" entailed was far more than the good ol' American way of life -- it has let to a full frontal attack on attitudes that we considered givens in our world.

We MUST understand this critical and bothersome fact: the countries that we live in our NOT Christian and view us and our Faith as anathema to their long term goals.  We must live and think as Christians did in 200 A.D., not as Frenchmen, 1380 AD.  We are not loyal patriots in our countries but a minority group whose beliefs are against their agenda.  They are not on our side nor on Christ's side.

I fear a situation emerging, specifically in Europe (though it could be anywhere in the West), where the validly elected politicians in the EU will favor the immigrants over the native population.  Germany is already a witness to this.  Merkel has professed a position that the vast majority of Germans do not agree with and don't support and she has used the threat of average Germans being called "Nazis" for not welcoming a foreign culture into their towns and homes with a warm embrace.  Merkel has leveraged that possible international condemnation into allowing in 1 million illegals from a foreign culture into Germany.

Along with the millions of Turks in Germany, how many more Muslims will have to be in Germany before they start talking about stopping the production of all the wursts in Germany? Or the wine? How many native German girls in Bavaria will no longer where dirndls or walk alone with their hair flowing in the wind because they fear being gang raped in their home town?

Several politicians in Germany have already publicly stated to the native population -- if you don't like this policy, leave!  This secular order has already stated the preference -- we prefer the muslims to you, the native Indo-European (and from a Christian background and raised on a Christian POV) peoples.  This preference has been a soft, passive-aggressive preference for decades.  But with the recent invasion, it now is coming to a head.  How about the systematic sexual abuse of native girls in cities throughout England by "asian gangs" (which is code name for muslim)?  What has been done about it?  Why was nothing done about it?

As members of the body of Christ, and for those of us in the West, we need to accept the cold fact -- the countries we live in have no allegiance or love for us.  We are nomads in this world because no country on Earth right now can clearly be stated to be a Christian country.

In a future post, I will delve further into this secular worldview.  But I will state one element of it -- "climate change" as an opportunity to implement totalitarian controls on the public.  And our bishops are fully on board...

The Ancient Enemy

The other player in this global game for world domination (Risk, indeed) is the Islamic culture.

One thing that our secular rulers are refusing to tell us is the truth about Islam and muslims.  Any facts will be construed as bigoted, racist, etc.  But that is under the rhetorical rules of the Secular Order, one that I argue above, isn't aligned with our interests and would gladly be rid of us if possible.  So their intentions are not in league with ours.

Up until 50 years ago (again!), the Islamic Faith was clearly understood by all Westerners and Christians.  For 1300 years, they have systematically attacked our Faith, our families and our civilization.  Some of the greatest battles in Western history are battles between Islam and Christianity.  Yet who is telling us that they are just like us?  The Secular Order.  Why?

Well, first, they view all "faiths" with contempt.  But beyond that, as I stated above, they view Christianity with scorn and revulsion and they know an ignorant, weak Christianity can be overrun.

But back to the question at hand; what is Islam and how do we handle it?

Islam is a heresy. A derivation of Arianism with a sprinkling of Jewish mysticism and Arab superstition with Arab tribal habits.  There is NO element of God in this faith and no well-educated Catholic can see it otherwise.  ALL of the saints since Mohamed viewed Islam in this manner and that it was a threat of the highest level to Christians everywhere.

Their worldview is simple -- the whole world must be Islamic.  Those lands that are currently Islamic must adhere to sharia law.  Those lands that are in the hands of the infidels is the land of war and must be fought to be won.  At that point, the defeated parties have 3 options -- convert Islam, accept 2nd class status and be substantially taxed, or die.  Every muslim believes this and is actively working toward this in their own way given the conditions that they are living in right now.

In fighting against the infidels, they are allowed by their god, to engage in all sorts of styles of warfare in order to be victorious.  These efforts can include lying, engaging in behavior that would otherwise be "sinful" and organizing with other muslims for collective action.

In short, their culture and worldview aren't western in ANY way.  Their culture isn't compatible with western culture and certainly not with Christendom.  Their assumptions of human rights and warfare are different from ours and different from the Secular Order.  In short, muslims in the West is like mixing oil with water -- not possible.

Diplomacy is the act of discussing important issues with people whom you disagree with.  We can engage in diplomacy with muslims and muslim-controlled countries.  But to suggest that they are "like us", "share our values","part of the human family', etc. is profoundly obfuscating the truth that has been born out of 1400 years of warfare, violence, heresy, and death.

Islam is not our friend, nor our they a comrade in the fight against atheistic secular progressivism.  Two religions anathema to one another cannot unite against a godless entity in order to defeat it.

World War III

The current war that we are fighting right now is with 2 major forces that could destroy us -- Islam and the Secular Order.  Both want our destruction and the destruction of everything that we love.  Some of them live next door to us while others live thousands of miles away.  But it is crucial that all Christians understand right now that the target is on our back.

Step one is to acknowledge the enemy.  Step two is to begin to figure out what to do about it. What is saddening to me is that the Church should be the rallying point for us. But literally as I write this, our Pope and Bishops are actively plotting with one or both of these parties for our destruction.  As I wrote a month ago, I suspect that when this war is over, we will be left standing to help clean up and reorder things again.  But I also suspect that the official clergy of the Church, the Bishops and Pope at that time, will have NO influence on the new order precisely because of what they are doing now.

They have betrayed humanity.  But more importantly, the have betrayed Our Lord and His bride, the Church.  Where they should be standing shoulder to shoulder with the great secular leaders that eventually will emerge, like future reflections of Constantine, Charles Martel and Charlemagne, there will be empty space.

One thing we all need to recognize is that we are judged by what are actions are and what they will lead to in the future.  Our current Pope and Bishops will be judged not just by their disbelief now, but what their actions will lead to in the future.  It will take decades and decades of faithful service and many, many saints for the Church to recover from their rebellion.

The war is here.  Are we ready to join?

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