Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Call to Arms - Part 1

There are many things that are required of us as faithful Catholics.  As the Church devolves further, as our leadership abrogate their responsibilities, it will be up to us to take up the slack until this period of punishment is over.  That is why I added "part 1" into the title of this blogpost -- because there are many levels of action that will be required of us over the years and decades. 

For part 1, I will ape something I posted on a recent article about a priest in the diocese of Charlotte who is facing a liberal rebellion at his parish, St. John the Evangelist, in Waynesville, NC.  Several of the disruptive laypeople have written the bishop as well as the Papal Nuncio in order to have him removed for, along with other reasons, violating the "spirit of Vatican II".  I do have some faith, since the bishop is fairly conservative, that this will come to not.  I do suggest finding the parish website and writing words of encouragement for this priest in the face of this hissy fit. 

But in my post on the article, I noted that this was a tremendous opportunity for the traditional members of the parish to involve themselves in the life of the parish if the liberal members won't participate with this priest.  I think all of us have noticed that those who volunteer, donate time and money, and achieve various roles (like "extraordinary" ministers) are usually of the liberal persuasion.  I personally have always been amazed that those same "extraordinary" ministers always use to orantes posture during the Our Father and show relatively low levels of reverence for that same Body of Christ that they are, somehow, allowed to touch with unconsecrated hands.  But they also are cooking food, collecting toys for children, and decorating for various times of the year.  This must change.

So, my first call of arms to all of you...


Many of us find it all to easy to simply sit back and bitch about what's going on in our parishes and liturgies instead of making our fellow liberal parishners and our priests feel our presence.  Get some stake in the game so that your opinions will have weight.  Form a latin mass community within the parish. Volunteer to participate in some group within the parish.  Offer to start a parish guild to help take care of the parish. 

Our parishes have been taken over, in a very Machiavellian way, by those members of the Church who are either confused about the Faith or systematically want to change the Faith. 

Purifying the Church publicly begins in our parishes.  As I wrote yesterday about the value of things, priority one is Christ, the Trinity and the Sacraments.  This action is the first priority of the public life of our faith - restore your parish.

Please, post comments about your experiences and efforts.  Help others to be successful in taking back their parishes.  We cannot just sit back and let them continue to take the Church further away from the moorings, especially under the cover of Francis's dubious faith. 

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