Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vatileaks 2

Without restating the news reports, I would just like to offer a few comments on this topic for today.

There was plenty of speculation about what was done with the report that 3 Cardinals wrote to Pope Benedict XVI toward the beginning of 2013.  Clearly, with the change from Pope Benedict XVI to Pope Francis, and the subsequent silencing of any discussion on this topic (Gay lobby in the Vatican, abuses at the Vatican Bank), many people forgot about it.

Is it possible that there are pieces of this report hanging out there and might be a part of these two books soon to be released?

One thing that must be speculated on: there are MANY Catholics who believe that the structure within the Church that trains, teaches, and nurtures priests is both full of and run by homosexuals.  There are many stories from seminarians and former seminarians that have horror stories from their days in their particular seminary.  And you have the complete report done by lay people regarding Archbishop Favalora in the Archdiocese of Miami (FL) (see link below for a summary)

 Favalora Scandal

In short - the issues with the priesthood WILL come to light and be addressed, sooner or later.

You also have the questions surrounding the Vatican Bank.  Despite the appearance of integrity, Pope Francis has done nothing about this situation.  In fact, as reported by some in different places, Deutsche Bank, who ran the Vatican ATM machines, shut them down and the magically turned them on again immediately after Jorge Bergoglio was elected. 

Speculation would suggest that there are many things that a faithful Catholic would fine worrisome about what the Vatican Bank could be a part of. 

Doubtful this will just...go away.

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