Friday, November 6, 2015

The Rights of the Faithful

As I mentioned in my previous post, there is an understanding present throughout the history of the Church that is more thoroughly quantified in Canon Law.   Much like the Magna Carta (though humorously annulled by the Pope at the time), the relationship between the faithful and the clergy is understood.

The clergy wants respect for their spiritual (and at times temporal) authority and the faithful want the pathway to Heaven and to God's grace through the proper administration of the sacraments. 

Over the past 50 years (and at other times in the history of the Church), the clergy have abused their authoritarian mandate to disobey Christ and the clearly stated beliefs of the Church.  Now is the time for the faithful to DEMAND fealty of their clergy to Christ.

If one goes to Pewsitter (, you can see in news report after news report how clergy's actions and words are calling into question numerous aspects of the Faith and confusing the faithful.

How can we be sure, just from the collar, that they love, believe in, and serve Christ and his Church?

We must demand their CLEAR, UNADULTERATED statement to that and answer for any heterodox comments and actions in the past.  The only true mercy in this situation is for the faithful who need and thirst for the Word made flesh.  To allow deceivers, Judases in our midst to be the antithesis of mercy.  It is to show such disregard for our Souls and our eternal salvation as to make us fools, believing that we have done everything to secure our salvation through the pathways to God's grace in the sacraments only to be found deceived upon our death and judgment.

This is far too serious for the millions and millions who are at risk of Hell because we are allowing dissident, heretical clergy in our midst who are teaching fundamental errors and allowing the desecration of the Eucharist at EVERY Mass. 

We must demand a faithful clergy for a faithful Church. 

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