Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Coming War is here

By now, millions of people have voiced their thoughts, perceptions, impressions, fears, and hopes regarding the Islamic attacks on Paris, November 13th, 2015.  Though I have added some rather sarcastic comments on Twitter, I want to begin outlining a few thoughts in greater detail here.

First, I refuse to accept as a starting point politically correct rhetoric that is meant to influence rather than enlighten.  I do not feel confined by what is "appropriate","evolved" or "reasonable".  I am forced, by my God, to defend and promote the Truth.  And this is the Truth:

This situation was decades in the making since the end of World War II.  After the destruction of the continent, rather than encourage native Europeans to rebuild and repopulate their lands, while American arms and nuclear weapons protected them from a Soviet invasion beyond the Iron Curtain, political elites in Europe, with assistance from newly created multinational organizations, encouraged the rapid flow of non-European peoples into Europe in order to buttress weak economies with their labor and product demand.

Turks in Germany.  Algerians in France.  Pakistanis in England.  Millions and millions of them were welcomed and the native Europeans were so shell-shocked by the war, combined with a great fear not to appear "Nazi-like" in any way, refused to raise a voice in opposition.  They accepted areas of their towns and cities being turned into ghettos were the natives weren't welcome.  They accepted their strange behaviors like eating directly off of the table rather than use plates and utensils.  They even accepted their strange cultural and religious customs, such as marrying cousins, multiple wives and clitorectomies.  All in the name of multiculturalism.

Eventually, as the numbers reached a critical point, they began demanding more and more from the native governments.  They refused integration into the native culture and saw themselves as hostile to the native culture.

Notice how I haven't even made a reference to religion yet.  Why?  Because Europe lost the Faith.  For many reasons, Europeans have truly embraced the Enlightenment and have come to believe that they have moved beyond religion to logic and science.  That is what explains the world for them and since those things have nothing to say about a foreign faith, they have nothing to say about Islam.  It doesn't preclude them from attacking Christianity, and Catholicism in particular, at every opportunity because they feel that Catholicism kept them from the Enlightenment principles that now govern their lives and threaten to return them to the Dark Ages.

But since the Modernist Europe has nothing to say about Islam, and since the majority of Islam is believed by "the Other", the modernist response are platitudes.  They identify more with Muslims than they do with Catholics for the very reason that it is foreign.  They ascribe their modernist values on to Islamic values, which is the only way to explain the trending hashtags on Twitter at this moment: #islamisareligionofpeace #muslimsaren'tterrorists etc.

What does this lead to?

The better question is: who wins in a war if one side doesn't believe a war exists and the other does?

Answer: one side is defeated and subjected to the will of the victorious side.

That is why it is EXTREMELY important that everyone understand that this wasn't an act of terrorism.  This was an act of war that has only just begun.  Many more battles of different types and qualities will be fought before it is done.

But the first step is to acknowledge what exactly is going on.  Those who are extending the politically correct olive branch around the world are only putting people at risk.  So many would rather be politically correct and non-judgmental than correct while others are legitimately confused.

And then there are the political elites who think that they can engineer the result that they want.  Late on the coverage yesterday, the meme was going out that this was France's (and Europe's) fault for not suitably welcoming these "refugees" and Muslims for decades and this is the natural result.  Allowing the far-right political parties emerge has threatened these people and this is the natural result.

What this is really saying is that, if push comes to shove, native Europeans need to start thinking about the possibility that their political elites would prefer the refugees over the natives.

Lastly, I want everyone to think about this image: the refugees as a Trojan Horse.  Many things are hidden within these waves of "refugees".

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