Sunday, November 22, 2015

Food for Thought

The world situation is devolving by the day and there are so many opinions, proclamations and wizards all over the mass media outlets and as both independent, critical thinkers and believers in Our Lord, Jesus Christ, we have to be vigilant in finding the facts in this fallen world.

As I wrote last week, the war is here.  This is the world war of our generation and it has the possibility to leave the world as a wasteland, which any literate mind will link to the great T.S. Elliot poem that I personally consider a work of art with true gravitas for our age.

The Wasteland

We are facing this future directly in the eye.  The Church is in crisis and likely being led by an anti-pope.  The secular political order in the West is fundamentally opposed to our values and beliefs and view us (Christians) as a problem to be eliminated.  And we have our historical enemy, Islam.  What we saw in Paris is only the beginning.  That wasn't terrorism -- that was warfare.

So, for this post, I want to link to an analysis of one part of Islamic thought -- the definition and proscribed actions toward an "innocent".  Please check out this link and begin to inform yourself of one of our enemies. 

Islam and "Innocents"

Our Western and Catholic heritage is logical, rational, educated, and faithful.  This is our advantage and we need to leverage it.

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