Friday, November 6, 2015

Cupich 2 & the Bishops

So that everyone can get an indication of how serious I will be with everything I bring up here, I am AGAIN calling for Pope Francis to deal with this issue of Arch. Cupich immediately.

Under Canon Law, there are obligations that the faithful have to God and to the Church and there are obligations that the Church has to the faithful.  One of them is the proper distribution of the sacraments and the proper administration of the Liturgy based upon current standards.  Both of these elements have been completely and totally abused by priests and bishops around the world. 

Have you ever wondered if the Mass you attend is valid?  If not, is the Eucharist that is distributed valid?  How about the sin that is on your Soul for attending an invalid and illicit Mass where the desecration of the Eucharist was exhibited for all to see?

As one example, Cupich has done all of this. 

Where is the Vatican?  Where is Pope Francis?

I estimate the fully 90% of the Bishops throughout the world are willfully allowing illicit Masses within their bishoprics without any movement to restore and reconcile this pattern. 

At what point will they be held accountable?

Rather than being shepherds guiding the flock to Heaven, they are leading us to Hell and I, for one, will not be taken to that place by this group of clerics. 

God will judge us by what we did for Him.  Remember, crimes against God are above crimes against man.  Blasphemy, heresy, and defamation of the Eucharist are preeminent.  Why is it that our bishops have no problem with any of these?  Who do they really serve?

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