Monday, November 16, 2015

Catholic Obligations and the War

I see, both on Pewsitter and on social media, a debate emerging in the Catholic world about obligations that we, as Catholics, have to others.  To be more precise, to the "refugees" and to the poor. 

The common refrain, coming from Pope Francis, many of the clergy, and other high profile Catholics is that it is our Christian duty to care for these people and give them what they need.  Look to the Gospels, and there you will see Our Lord clearly command his followers, then as now, to perform certain acts of charity to our fellow man, whether believers or not; whether they mean you harm or not.  That, they say, is the beauty of the Faith...and the Truth.

Several factors make this simplistic view troublesome.  Allow me to elaborate.

First, the heresy of Islam. 

Islam has been viewed, rightly, as another version of one of the more popular heresies: Arianism.  If you recall, I recently claimed that Pope Francis (and I suspect many others in the clergy) are Arians.  This heresy claims that Christ was only a man, not God.  That he is a creature created by the Father.  Islam, similarly teaches that Christ isn't God, that there is no trinity, and among other things, that Christ didn't die on the cross.

Islam has been the great challenge to the institutional Church for millenia and has been viewed rightly by ALL the saints as a scourge upon mankind, given to humanity by Satan to a pagan child molester with a thirst for blood.  Up until questionable documents of Vatican II, no Catholic would EVER claim that allah is the Father.  Apparently, it is now official Church teaching under the guise of ecumenism.

Second, the modernist usurpers of good governance.

The vile temptation of modernism, accurately addressed by Leo XII and St. Pius X, has controlled the world's governments, both national and international, for decades and their man-centered worldview has permeated every institution in the world, including the Church, but has also brain-washed millions.  How else can you explain the ridiculous, shallow, banal comments upon social media to the enduring conflict of our time and generation?

What are these government leaders telling us in the West?

Islam is a religion of peace.  Not all Muslims are terrorists.  These refugees must be taken care of by us.  We need more surveillance of the population. 

Does anyone else see the irrationality of it all?  Does anyone else smell a rat?  Can anyone else see what we have only just begun?

Paris wasn't terrorism.  It was a salvo in a war that will only end with one paradigm playing the dominant role in where this world goes to.  However, there is also the factor of the modernist heresy.  This heresy, and all its adherents, are destined to die into yet another theory that didn't prove out in the end. 

That leaves Christianity and Islam.  And this is where I have to disagree with those vaunted Catholics listed above.  I understand, as a believing Catholic, what Christ wants from us.  However, I have also informed myself of Islam and modernism. In no way can these two work with the former.  Secular modernist leaders are not our allies because they see Christianity as a block to their plans.  Islam is bloodthirsty heresy that denies the divinity of Christ.

My allegiance is to the Catholics in Europe. My allegiance is to Poland, Hungary and Croatia.  My allegiance is to the Orthodox in Serbia and Greece.  As much as I can agree that all of humanity was willed by God into existence, it must also be conceded that much of humanity had denied Him and his bride. 

I will continue to view this crisis as a Trojan Horse invasion that works with what secular modernist leaders in Europe have setup over the last 70 years since the end of World War II.  We are at war and if we don't want the Church banished to a few caves in remote areas of the Earth, we must fight and fight now.  We must not tacitly agree with those who want our destruction.  We must have an honest explanation of the beliefs of Islam and why any distinction between radical and moderate Islam is a false dichotomy that doesn't exist in reality.

More can and will be said on this issue.  As I have said before, I will stand with the Church Triumphant against some in the Church Militant over these heresies and our obligations to those who adhere to those heresies. 

Collective humanity is not so important that we must disregard basic facts.

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