Sunday, November 15, 2015

Betrayal of Humanity

For those of us who believe in the Supernatural Truth of the Holy Catholic Church, we have a high expectation of the Church's role in history, civilization, and humanity.  We are hurt when it doesn't live up to its creator.  But the current state is beyond repair. 

The current leadership of the Holy Catholic Church, from Pope Francis through the Cardinals and Bishops and to many priests, are thoroughly letting down not just the faithful (50 years and counting), but western civilization and, because of that, all of humanity.

The response of these "leaders" to the attacks in Paris has been thoroughly secular and few if any references to Christ.  Far more are participating in "moments of silence" than prayers.  And all too many are making excuses to defend a faith that has been attacking and seeking to destroy Christianity since it was demonically formulated and given to Mohammed 1400 years ago.

It is becoming VERY clear that if anything unites the West in this world war and gets us through it, the Church WILL NOT be it.  And as a Catholic, that saddens me greatly because that is precisely what it should be.  In a war for existence, where one worldview will die and another will track for destruction, the Church should be that unifying force because the Church is where we meet Christ and where the graces of God come through to us in the Sacraments. 

Dare I ask the question:  Do they even believe?  How can they serve the Church and Christ when they say so little about it?  How can they believe that the Church contains the fullness of faith, yet not work to convert souls to the Church?

So many questions, and all we get are vague, new-age references to some vague "mercy".

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