Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Unraveling Begins

The Unraveling Begins

Excuses have been made for the random comments of Jorge Bergoglio for three years now and throughout that time, everybody said it wasn't a big deal.  I would say "God bless" to his press secretaries if I didn't distrust them so much because it truly is a challenge to make his fortune cookie comments seem brilliant, esoteric, logical, and friendly all at the same time.  

But I want to take his recent comments on the plane trip backed to that walled edifice he calls home (just a joke) to highlight why this man is so dangerous to the institutional church and to the immortal souls of millions.

Many other bloggers have commented on his references to something Paul VI did regarding nuns in the Congo and contraception back in the 1960s because of the chance they could get raped and impregnated.  As far as I can tell, nobody has done as good a job as Father Z did at his blog to THOROUGHLY investigate this incident, reference, and its ultimate falsity.  

But rather than wade into that discussion, I want to highlight several points that need to be addressed for the full ramifications of this comment to be understood.

1. The day after he made this off the cuff comment, the episcopal conference of the Philippines (home to possible future heretical pope Cardinal Tagle) issued a statement saying that they were following the direction of Bergoglio and will allow Philippinos to use contraception to avoid the risks of impregnation will contaminated with Zika.  

They never even checked to see if the story was true.  And they don't care.  They know where Bergoglio and his backers want to take the Church and they are fully on board.  You would expect men with doctorate degrees to have better discernment skills than this.  Heck, I would expect teenagers to at least check their sources before referencing them.  

It certainly shows their hearts are leading their heads.  And their hearts are gravely confused about what it means to be Catholic.

2. Bergoglio just approved of Eugenics. 
Dr. Josef Mengele, Nazi War Criminal and Psychopath

If Bergoglio could just change Church teaching on a whim, which he can't, that's precisely what he just did.  He just created 2 different classes of human being - one worthy of living and one not.  Regardless of his orthodox comments on abortion, by suggesting that it was ok to prevent the conception of a handicapped baby was ok automatically suggests that handicapped people do not have the same right to life as a fully healthy baby.

Just exchange "Jews" for "handicapped" and you get the Holocaust.  As Chris Rock said back when he was funny, "...then I started listening because I knew N****** and Jews were next!"

This coming from the "doctor of mercy".  How Orwellian.

3. Does Bergoglio have ANY formation as a priest to speak of?

When Father Z diagrammed the whole history of this "story" regarding the nuns in the Congo and Paul VI, it becomes clear that the only people repeating this story weren't faithful Catholics because heretics dedicated to change or idiots.  Because the trail of evidence wasn't there, nobody could honestly believe that Paul VI allowed these nuns to use birth control.  Then how come Bergoglio did? 

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