Thursday, February 4, 2016

St. Padre Pio won't save you, Bergoglio

Church Triumphant to the Rescue?

His presence on this blog has been maintained since I restarted this blog several months ago.  I have a very deep respect for St. Padre Pio and I am in awe of his God-given supernatural powers.  His abilities within the confessional - the ability to see the sins written on the souls of those who came to him so that he could guide them to a true, complete, penitent confession.

St. Padre Pio was able to guide the penitent to a confession that we all seek, where are sins are fully confessed, that they are suitably contrite, and through a suitable penance, are completely and totally absolved of their sins.  What a gift from God.

That he also was blessed with the Stigmata, the wounds (and pains) of Christ crucified, shows the true holiness of this man. (Another saint here, St. Gemma Galgani, also was blessed with this stunning experience).

I state all that because today, the remains of St. Padre Pio as well as another saint, St. Leopold from Croatia were brought through the center of Rome to the Vatican.  From the link below, many people were lined up on the streets, stopping the transport of his body so that they could see his uncorrupted body, could ask for his prayers for them and their intentions, or even just to see someone that has been mythologized since before he died worldwide.

Padre Pio arrives in Rome

One thinks that there are those within the Church around the world who think that Bergoglio will see the same adoration and praise after his death. 

Regardless, the Church admits that they literally brought St. Padre Pio to Rome in order for his presence to help the failed "Year of Mercy". 

Padre Pio died before I was born, but I will say something right here and now:

Bergoglio is NOTHING like St. Padre Pio.

St. Padre Pio is everything that is right with the Church.  His supernatural faith was obvious.  His humility was present every day.  His service to Christ and to his fellow man was shown in his tireless hours in the confessional pulling people from Satan and to Christ.  His words were clear and easily understood.  His beliefs were of the highest level of orthodoxy.

In essence, he is the anti-Bergoglio.  

St. Padre Pio will not save you, Bergoglio. 

St. Padre Pio, pray for us who are trying to defend the Church from heretics and apostates.

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