Friday, February 5, 2016

Link Addition

 Some More Guidance for You

I have added several links to other great resources online, especially regarding the situation in the West between the native, Christian Indo-European civilization and the Islamic World.

Jihad Watch is Robert Spencer's fantastic site that discusses and highlights all the various ways that Islam and Muslims are problematic to the West.  His reputation online is impeccable and he is incredibly well-educated in Islam, the Koran, and what that faith actually teaches.

Gates of Vienna is another great website that has been around for over a decade and has a distinct European focus.  Many of the articles on there are translations from European news stories so that English readers can know what's going on the European continent.  They also have a great selection of links to other blogs that share this same European focus.

Shoebat is a site run by Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) who converted to Catholicism.  His site focuses on the more graphic elements of Islam that blows away any attempts to call Islam a "religion of peace".  I suggest that you go to his site with caution since some of the videos posted there are very graphic.  But sometimes the truth will wrench your stomach.

Both of these sites are not fooled by the PC rhetoric surrounding Islam and I strongly suggest that you check out these sites on a regular basis (in addition to this blog of course).  Sometimes I will reference articles at these locations (with links) and at other times, we just happen to talk about the same things. 

Remember everyone, we are currently AT WAR.  World War III is happening right now.  It has a military component (Syria, ISIS, Africa), a financial component (the entire world), a social component (the West) and a political component (the world).  It's going to look different than the previous world wars and at times things will seem peaceful.  But at other times, it's going to look like wars of previous millennia and we better be prepared for the brutality on a person to person scale that is happening right now.  Eventually, it will reach your community. 

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