Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Unraveling Begins

The Unraveling Begins

Excuses have been made for the random comments of Jorge Bergoglio for three years now and throughout that time, everybody said it wasn't a big deal.  I would say "God bless" to his press secretaries if I didn't distrust them so much because it truly is a challenge to make his fortune cookie comments seem brilliant, esoteric, logical, and friendly all at the same time.  

But I want to take his recent comments on the plane trip backed to that walled edifice he calls home (just a joke) to highlight why this man is so dangerous to the institutional church and to the immortal souls of millions.

Many other bloggers have commented on his references to something Paul VI did regarding nuns in the Congo and contraception back in the 1960s because of the chance they could get raped and impregnated.  As far as I can tell, nobody has done as good a job as Father Z did at his blog to THOROUGHLY investigate this incident, reference, and its ultimate falsity.  

But rather than wade into that discussion, I want to highlight several points that need to be addressed for the full ramifications of this comment to be understood.

1. The day after he made this off the cuff comment, the episcopal conference of the Philippines (home to possible future heretical pope Cardinal Tagle) issued a statement saying that they were following the direction of Bergoglio and will allow Philippinos to use contraception to avoid the risks of impregnation will contaminated with Zika.  

They never even checked to see if the story was true.  And they don't care.  They know where Bergoglio and his backers want to take the Church and they are fully on board.  You would expect men with doctorate degrees to have better discernment skills than this.  Heck, I would expect teenagers to at least check their sources before referencing them.  

It certainly shows their hearts are leading their heads.  And their hearts are gravely confused about what it means to be Catholic.

2. Bergoglio just approved of Eugenics. 
Dr. Josef Mengele, Nazi War Criminal and Psychopath

If Bergoglio could just change Church teaching on a whim, which he can't, that's precisely what he just did.  He just created 2 different classes of human being - one worthy of living and one not.  Regardless of his orthodox comments on abortion, by suggesting that it was ok to prevent the conception of a handicapped baby was ok automatically suggests that handicapped people do not have the same right to life as a fully healthy baby.

Just exchange "Jews" for "handicapped" and you get the Holocaust.  As Chris Rock said back when he was funny, "...then I started listening because I knew N****** and Jews were next!"

This coming from the "doctor of mercy".  How Orwellian.

3. Does Bergoglio have ANY formation as a priest to speak of?

When Father Z diagrammed the whole history of this "story" regarding the nuns in the Congo and Paul VI, it becomes clear that the only people repeating this story weren't faithful Catholics because heretics dedicated to change or idiots.  Because the trail of evidence wasn't there, nobody could honestly believe that Paul VI allowed these nuns to use birth control.  Then how come Bergoglio did? 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Justice Antonin Scalia, RIP

Another Canary in the Coal Mine

It's a very well known piece of wisdom that in coal mines, canaries are placed at key points within the mines to alert the miners in case of noxious and fatal fumes.  Many men's lives have been saved by these creatures in dangerous environments by sacrificing their lives.

Justice Antonin Scalia was a man that all American men should aspire to.  He was a patriot of the country of his birth.  He was a faithful son to the Catholic Church throughout his life.  He was a faithful husband to his wife, producing 9 children and offering one up to the Lord as a Priest, like all large Catholic families use to do.  He was thoroughly logical, well-read, intelligent, witty and honest.  And he died in the Faith.  May God have mercy on his soul.  St. Thomas More, please pray for him.

I won't speculate here about his death, though I am quite surprised that Pewsitter has linked to numerous articles already speculating on this matter.  May God bless us with the truth and may any crimes be suitably punished with divine retribution.

I think, though, the most important part of this past weekend's events is that, as another blog wrote, another great man is gone.  This world cannot last much longer with so few great men walking the Earth.  

It would be too much for a consistent Catholic reaction to his death, from the Pope on down to all the "Catholic" media sites on the Internet.  And I am glad to see that for many Catholics, they saw the kind of man who was unabashedly Catholic in every way.  That is why I have the picture of him above -- wearing the same headgear as St. Sir Thomas More.  With such a thoughtful man, it is clear that he saw himself in a similar position to the good servant of God's who Henry VIII felt didn't need his head any longer since it conflicted with his lustful, diabolically inspired ideas of himself and his line.

With such confusion, of which many posts here have addressed, inside the Church, it is becoming rarer that Catholics can find another Catholic in the public sphere to be proud of, to follow, and to model themselves after.  The public Catholics, by and large, are heretics who indulge in the modernist fallacy of the moment.  They accept the latest inventions in liturgical theory and who have proudly abandoned archaic rules from a begone age.

Antonin Scalia embodied the best aspects of the lay Catholic life.  I even heard that he traveled a good distance to attend the traditional Latin Mass of his youth (doesn't one have to travel great distances to attend the Mass of the Saints?).  

Things will not get better, folks.  They will get worse.  Much worse.  All the aspects of Catholic public life - the schools, the orphanages, the hospitals, and the food kitchens will all go away.  The "unused" parishes sitting on valuable land will be sold off.  And public Catholics who are really Catholics will cease to be around.  

It will be dark times.  But this is just punishment for the crimes we have committed against Our Lord.  We forgot Him.  Now He is forgetting us.

But one who didn't was Antonin Scalia.  

Please say a prayer for his soul.  He didn't benefit from a final confession, viaticum or the last rites (debatable here).  He deserved better.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 11th, 2013 - The Day the World Changed Forever

Why did he do it?

3 years ago, Pope Benedict XVI resigned from the Papacy.  His act was an Earth shaking event that very few people realize the gravity of this event and it's effect on everything else that has come since, both in the Church and the World.  If we hold that the Church has a special place in the world, then what happens to the Church will effect the world.  This resignation was the final sign that we are in dire times.

Unlike others, I will not attack Pope Benedict for this act - mostly because I think the decision was honorable.  Unlike John Allen, who recently wrote in Crux Magazine (linked HERE), who thinks that his decision had everything to do with his self-awareness to know that he couldn't do the job anymore, I don't think that was the reason at all.  Considering his good health the last 3 years, as well as my general cynicism toward anybody that needs to stay in the good graces of the Vatican, I think John Allen doesn't qualify as an unbiased reporter.

So why did he do it?

Many rumors have been floated, including the Vatican letters scandal, but I would suggest that one rumor is more interesting than the rest.  And it has ramifications for the Church and the world on a massive scale.

If you take Austen Ivereigh at his word (and I do have some suspicions since he doesn't have a big enough sack to take my comments to him on Twitter), then there were a set of cardinals that were talking among themselves about who to support after Pope John Paul II died.  And there are numerous sources indicating that Jorge Bergoglio's name was being floated during the conclave in 2005.  For various reasons, and I would suggest listening to the Holy Spirit rather than the plotting of men, Joseph Ratzinger was selected and became Pope Benedict XVI.

The thwarting of their plans was bad enough.  But they would just act as they did during John Paul's reign -- they would do what they wanted to do knowing that nobody would stop them, condemn them or remove them from office.  But then one document was issued by Benedict that fundamentally changed the path of the Church -- Summorum Pontificum.  Let me explain.

After Vatican II, Archbishop Bugnini and other progressive liturgists, under the cover of Vatican II, created the rules for the "new" Mass that was authorized by Vatican II.  That was a lie.  There are no documents of Vatican II that specifically authorized a new Mass to be created.  However, very few bishops and priests read the Vatican II documents and so with the Imprimatur of the Vatican, many just assumed that Vatican II called for this.  Of course, there were many older and traditional clerics who didn't agree with this and wouldn't perform the "new" Mass.  But the vast majority did.  Pope Paul VI "authorized" the Novus Ordo Mass in 1969 (though there is some debate whether or not, under Canon Law, he actually authorized the Novus Ordo.  But that's another post for another day).

When the Novus Ordo was "approved", there was a concurrent position sent throughout the world that the Novus Ordo replaced the traditional Latin Mass and that the Latin Mass was no longer allowed to be said.  Of course, this is ridiculous that the Mass of the last 1000 years was now verboten, but many believed it.

From that point, the Latin Mass was said less and less. Bishops told their priests to no longer say it and seminaries stopped teaching Latin to the seminarians to where the only priests who knew the Latin Mass were old priests who would retire soon.  Then Pope John Paul, in 1984, issued a document that "allowed" for the limited use of the Latin Mass in special circumstances and with the consent of the Bishop.  What is so unfortunate about this action is that it acknowledged the legitimacy of the previous "ban" on the Latin Mass.  This is something that we should always be weary of -- never acknowledge the legitimacy of the assumptions of the other side.  Pope John Paul II did.

So for 23 years, there was very limited use of the Latin Mass throughout the world.  But then, the earthquake hit.  Summorum Pontificum said, in basic terms, that the Latin Mass was the right of every Catholic, that it never should have been abrogated and forbidden, and that Vatican II never called for it's abrogation.  It also said that the Bishop cannot block the use of the Latin Mass at any time.

Think, for a moment, at the shock waves that this action sent throughout the chanceries around the world and in the Vatican.  The reestablishment of the Old Mass?  A severe hit against Vatican II?  What next?  All the revolutionary work in the Church to make the Church acceptable to the world, gone?

Benedict became a marked man at this point.  Though he was old, he was made of strong Bavarian stock.  He could live for a dozen more years and do all sorts of damage to the agenda of the "Spirit of Vatican II" crowd.  

I believe this is when the actions started that eventually led to Benedict's resignation 3 years ago.  Various things, like "accusations" of child abuse by his priestly brother were shots across the bow.  But what I would speculate on, is that knowledge of certain plans were found out by those serving Pope Benedict that would compromise the Church going forward.  

And I believe that Pope Benedict XVI had a decision to make -- stay and assist in creating a situation that would lead to the Church's physical destruction or remove himself from the equation and thwart the plans placed against him.  And he chose the later.  He and his servants could never say what was really going on, but they knew that rumors would start flying and that many wouldn't accept the shallow argument that it was his health.  Some also said that he just wanted to return to Bavaria, play the piano and be with his brother.  

Instead, he has been, for lack of a better word, under house arrest in Mater Eccelisiae Monastery in the Vatican.  He is unable to talk with anyone, unable to leave, unable to exert any influence on the path of the Church.  For all intents and purposes, he is in prison till he dies.

Not a very dignified end to a former Pope, huh?  Sounds familiar though.  

Back in the day, another Pope resigned.  In 1294, Pope Celestine V was both elected Pope and then resigned from the Papacy, under the direction of the future Pope Boniface VIII, his successor.  Though he requested a monastery so he could pray and be silent, he was placed under house arrest by Boniface until he died a year and a half later.

He was a man that wanted nothing more than to pray and serve God and what he found in the Roman Curia was nothing but plotting, spiteful men with dubious morality and he quickly realized that he didn't have the skill set to perform the job for which he was selected around these jackals.  But rather than succumb to their murderous plots, he removed himself from the equation.  And though he suffered personally, it was far better that he resigned than allow another scandal to plague the medieval Church.

One of his standing legacies was his establishment of Gregory X's rules for papal conclaves -- the only policy that his successor kept that has stayed in Canon Law till the present day that was further supported by John Paul's rules for papal conclaves.

Funny how Ivereigh's book brings the whole question of the conclave of 2013 into question.  If you take his book, and subsequent remarks by certain cardinals, most notoriously Cardinal McCarrick of Washington DC, several rules for conclaves were broken.  The automatic penalty for those violations -- excommunication.  

The path of humanity changed on February 11, 2013.  The last pope of St. Malachy's vision was about to come on the throne of St. Peter.  James Foley would be beheaded by ISIS on August 19, 2014 that would inaugurate the great Islamic war with the West. 

The path of the Church changed.  The path of the West changed.  The path of the world changed.  We are all in the midst of the aftershocks of Benedict's decision.  

It's our responsibility to see the Church and the West through this.  The burden is on our shoulders.     

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Is the Clock ticking for Ash Wednesday?

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

As many Catholics did today, especially those who honor the Trinity of holidays that require church attendance for those fallen away Catholics (Christmas, Ash Wednesday and Easter), I received my ashes from a priest (thank God).  And I saw other Catholics proudly walking around with their ashes of if they had accomplished something grand.  I won't go into detail about how dreadful the Mass actually was, how moribund the homily was, how dreadful the music was (it's Lent, you morons), or how I refused to witness the desecration of the Eucharist, so I left and went to the adoration chapel for the rest of Mass.  But I will go into something that I think many Catholics haven't thought about:

How many years do we have left before we will have to receive our ashes in secret? 

For now, it's still culturally allowed for us to receive our ashes and walk around publicly with them without being targeted.  But will that continue? 

Look at Europe and all the cultural conflict that is emerging between the native population and the invading force let in by the political "elites" in the EU.  If you were a single woman in Europe right now, would you proudly wear your ashes on your forehead with refugee muslims around everywhere, breaking all sorts of laws and viewing infidel women as present solely for the pleasure of muslim men?

With such confusion regarding the actual Faith at the present moment, many "Catholics" are cultural Catholics who see it more as a set of habits that previous generations have engaged in rather than as religiously significant rituals that help us to experience and understand the presence of God in the world.  They have hardly thought of a situation where the practical practice of the Faith would be challenged or even limited by the dominant ethos of the society.

Might I suggest that none of us take for granted the public expression of our Faith.  The English Catholics had to learn the hard way of what happens when the Faith is taken from you and the State limits your freedom of expression.  Decades went by where English Catholics had no access to the Faith, hid the few priests in England in their homes and were threatened with a tortuous death if they were found out.

Don't think that can't come back again.

Enjoy this freedom now.  Don't hesitate to publicly display your faith.  The world is changing and you don't when the powers that be will decide that isn't allowed anymore.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Link Addition

 Some More Guidance for You

I have added several links to other great resources online, especially regarding the situation in the West between the native, Christian Indo-European civilization and the Islamic World.

Jihad Watch is Robert Spencer's fantastic site that discusses and highlights all the various ways that Islam and Muslims are problematic to the West.  His reputation online is impeccable and he is incredibly well-educated in Islam, the Koran, and what that faith actually teaches.

Gates of Vienna is another great website that has been around for over a decade and has a distinct European focus.  Many of the articles on there are translations from European news stories so that English readers can know what's going on the European continent.  They also have a great selection of links to other blogs that share this same European focus.

Shoebat is a site run by Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) who converted to Catholicism.  His site focuses on the more graphic elements of Islam that blows away any attempts to call Islam a "religion of peace".  I suggest that you go to his site with caution since some of the videos posted there are very graphic.  But sometimes the truth will wrench your stomach.

Both of these sites are not fooled by the PC rhetoric surrounding Islam and I strongly suggest that you check out these sites on a regular basis (in addition to this blog of course).  Sometimes I will reference articles at these locations (with links) and at other times, we just happen to talk about the same things. 

Remember everyone, we are currently AT WAR.  World War III is happening right now.  It has a military component (Syria, ISIS, Africa), a financial component (the entire world), a social component (the West) and a political component (the world).  It's going to look different than the previous world wars and at times things will seem peaceful.  But at other times, it's going to look like wars of previous millennia and we better be prepared for the brutality on a person to person scale that is happening right now.  Eventually, it will reach your community. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

St. Padre Pio won't save you, Bergoglio

Church Triumphant to the Rescue?

His presence on this blog has been maintained since I restarted this blog several months ago.  I have a very deep respect for St. Padre Pio and I am in awe of his God-given supernatural powers.  His abilities within the confessional - the ability to see the sins written on the souls of those who came to him so that he could guide them to a true, complete, penitent confession.

St. Padre Pio was able to guide the penitent to a confession that we all seek, where are sins are fully confessed, that they are suitably contrite, and through a suitable penance, are completely and totally absolved of their sins.  What a gift from God.

That he also was blessed with the Stigmata, the wounds (and pains) of Christ crucified, shows the true holiness of this man. (Another saint here, St. Gemma Galgani, also was blessed with this stunning experience).

I state all that because today, the remains of St. Padre Pio as well as another saint, St. Leopold from Croatia were brought through the center of Rome to the Vatican.  From the link below, many people were lined up on the streets, stopping the transport of his body so that they could see his uncorrupted body, could ask for his prayers for them and their intentions, or even just to see someone that has been mythologized since before he died worldwide.

Padre Pio arrives in Rome

One thinks that there are those within the Church around the world who think that Bergoglio will see the same adoration and praise after his death. 

Regardless, the Church admits that they literally brought St. Padre Pio to Rome in order for his presence to help the failed "Year of Mercy". 

Padre Pio died before I was born, but I will say something right here and now:

Bergoglio is NOTHING like St. Padre Pio.

St. Padre Pio is everything that is right with the Church.  His supernatural faith was obvious.  His humility was present every day.  His service to Christ and to his fellow man was shown in his tireless hours in the confessional pulling people from Satan and to Christ.  His words were clear and easily understood.  His beliefs were of the highest level of orthodoxy.

In essence, he is the anti-Bergoglio.  

St. Padre Pio will not save you, Bergoglio. 

St. Padre Pio, pray for us who are trying to defend the Church from heretics and apostates.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Bishop Worthy of Christ

 A Bishop Worthy of Christ

Bishop Bialasik
I just saw the link to this report on a great Catholic blog about the Bishop of Oruro in Bolivia, Bishop Krzysztof (Cristobal) Bialasik SVD.  Read the report HERE

I strongly encourage you to go over to his site through the link above and read the report.  But I want to make a few comments about this report.

  1. This is the type of Bishop the Church needs and the type of Bishop that Christ deserves.
  2. This report needs to be sent to the Vatican so that they understand where Catholic priorities begin. (hint: it's not climate change)
  3. Every bishop in the world needs to receive a copy of this report.
  4. Every priest in the world needs to receive a copy of this report.
  5. Every Catholic in the world needs to read this report so that they understand they have NO right to receive the Eucharist in the hand.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bishop Schneider gives a lesson

Clarification on the Church's Real Problem

Bishop Athanasius Schneider

In a recent interview with the traditionalist Catholic blog, Rorate Caeli, Bishop Athanasius Schneider provides some useful insights from a traditionalist cleric who isn't scared to tell the truth while at the same time skirting that fine line into disobedience that so many faithful clerics would like to but can't.  But that is for another blog post - tomorrow.  I promise. 

Back to the interview linked HERE

Though I encourage you to read it, there is one part that I want to focus on:

Rorate CaeliIn the recent Synod, we will not know the legal impact it will have on the Church for some time, as it’s up to Pope Francis to move next. Regardless of the eventual outcome, for all intent and purposes, is there already a schism in the Church? And, if so, what does it mean practically speaking? How will it manifest itself for typical Catholics in the pews?

H.E. Schneider: Schism means according to the definition of the Code of Canon Law, can. 751: The refusal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or of communion with those members of the Church who are submitted to the Supreme Pontiff. One has to distinguish the defect in belief or heresy from schism. The defect in belief or heresy is indeed a greater sin than schism, as Saint Thomas Aquinas said: “Unbelief is a sin committed against God Himself, according as He is Himself the First Truth, on which faith is founded; whereas schism is opposed to ecclesiastical unity, which is a lesser good than God Himself. Wherefore the sin of unbelief is generically more grievous than the sin of schism” (II-II, q. 39, a. 2 c). 

The very crisis of the Church in our days consists in the ever growing phenomenon that those who don’t fully believe and profess the integrity of the Catholic faith frequently occupy strategic positions in the life of the Church, such as professors of theology, educators in seminaries, religious superiors, parish priests and even bishops and cardinals. And these people with their defective faith profess themselves as being submitted to the Pope. 

The height of confusion and absurdity manifests itself when such semi-heretical clerics accuse those who defend the purity and integrity of the Catholic faith as being against the Pope – as being according to their opinion in some way schismatics. For simple Catholics in the pews, such a situation of confusion is a real challenge of their faith, in the indestructibility of the Church. They have to keep strong the integrity of their faith according to the immutable Catholic truths, which were handed over by our fore-fathers, and which we find in in the Traditional catechisms and in the works of the Fathers and of the Doctors of the Church.  

This answer provides a very clear examination of the problem that so many of us who serve Christ and His Church have felt for so many years at the local and diocesan level but only with the election of Jorge Bergoglio has manifested at the global level.

Since Pope John Paul II took the throne of St. Peter, many Catholics, with hope in him and in his successor, Pope Benedict XVI, felt like the Vicar of Christ was faithful, but the clergy underneath them were not.  In that sense, we felt very CATHOLIC.  The Vicar at least believed and we felt that we could follow him, even if our priests and bishops were horrendous.  

And we saw this division regularly, as those same priests and bishops had no problem not following Canon Law, the Magisterium, or the direction of these Popes in order to facilitate their version of "the Spirit of Vatican II" (that Spirit that currently has a television show on Fox right now, and which, by the way, is being completely mis-analyzed by many Catholics.  I see a future post coming.).  

But now, with the head of the Vatican showing no signs of an orthodox belief in Catholicism, is confounding us into figuring out where we stand.  What do we do when the Vicar of Christ doesn't believe?  

We can handle the priests, deacons, bishops and cardinals not believing because the captain of the ship is clear.  But when the captain is leading us to the reef, what do we do?  Jump ship?  Take the reigns ourselves and steer it away?  And if so, do we know the way around danger?

What I appreciate from Bishop Schneider are several things that ALL Catholics show follow:

1. Heresy is worse than Schism.  Holding to the correct, orthodox belief in Christ, the Sacraments, and the Magisterium is far more important than following the correct cleric.  This is the basic basis for why, if there is to be an ecumenical effort, it should be directed at the Eastern Orthodox and away from heretics.

2. Bishop Schneider recognizes that there are MANY clerics who don't believe, something that many of us have felt and stated for years.  He acknowledges that the apparatus for the creation of priests is deeply flawed with no effort made to correct.

3. When all else fails, trust in the Magisterium, the traditional catechisms of the Church, the Fathers of the Church and the Doctors of the Church.  If you want to know what to believe, trust in the Church Triumphant and the theological history of the Church, not in clever, political phrases of clerics who don't believe. 


EU to natives: Nothing to see here

I have written consistently something that, for many, is a tough position to get to - your governments aren't your allies.  Those who you have voted into power, who wield the mechanics of government and its resources, will sell you out if push comes to shove. 

There was a recent report that was reported on by many news agencies regarding the EU position on the invasion of Europe, the sexual assaults and rapes and how they are NOT connected.  I have provided a link to a news article that analyzes the news report well at the end of this post.

But I want to make it clear again before you head off to that website.  Our governments don't have our best interests at heart.  They have an agenda that they only tangentially admit to publicly while they disregard the concerns and struggles of the masses.  This is being played out right now in the American campaigns for President.  Trump and Sanders are clear rejections of the political process and the fruits of the efforts that both parties have provided to the American people.

Likewise, the rise of nationalist parties in Europe are in reaction to the dichotomy between what "elites" want and what the public wants or even what common sense would demand.  A position such as what the EU has admitted to flies in the face of facts and common sense.  So why hold to this position?

Simple: to block resistance so that as many invaders can come to Europe till it reaches a point of critical mass by denying the facts and prosecuting anyone who provides a grass roots resistance to this invasion.  

For what?

I don't know, but I am gravely concerned.

EU leaders delusion