Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The 1st Battle of Koln, 2016 (Hint: we lost)

Number of rosaries done in reparation for the desecration of the Eucharist:44

Number of people signed up for daily rosaries for this intention: 1

As reported by numerous news agencies, both European and American, there were significant issues between native Germans (specifically German women) and "Asian" men that resulted in dozens of sexual assualts...and no arrests.

Since I use this blog primarily to highlight issues that aren't getting due attention on other blogs and sites as well as analyze those same events, I don't focus on every little event in the Western and Catholic worlds.  Most events are highlighted enough for those who want to be educated and informed to get their information elsewhere.

But this situation is a tinder box that is going to blow sooner or later.

I have said this on several different posts and I will continue to state this so that all who come here are aware: the secular, democratically elected governments of the West will face a choice between the native population and the nomadic herds that have entered into the West.  I believe that the governments will choose the "other" over the natives.  And my first witness is what I am calling the 1st Battle of Koln.

To review, on New Years Eve, thousands of Germans will in the main city center of Koln celebrating the new year.  Within that context, at least 1000 middle eastern Muslims specifically targeted, sexually assaulted and robbed dozens of German women (as of right now, numbers could increase) throughout the night with no response by the Koln police.  In the days afterwards, German political leaders rushed to keep these assaults quiet and with elected officials like the current Koln Mayor (a German woman) deciding that guiding German women on how to act in the new Germany was a better approach than defending Koln, Koln's native women, and the overall German culture.

With this situation, you get a basic, yet clear, picture of the situation in the West.  The other, the invader, is preferred over the native.

This will not end well.  Muslim men will not just start treating Western women with respect and courtesy.  This will get worse and eventually German men will get their bollocks back and respond.  How harshly will they respond?  Nobody knows.  But the German male response will be used by the German government to try to restrict the rights of the natives in favor of the invaders.

And then what?

I don't know about all the others males out there, but I will not accept this behavior toward my mother, aunts, sisters, daughters, nieces, and female friends.  I will defend them with extreme prejudice. 

Enough with the politically correct, modernist tripe that is being used to control us, our thoughts and actions.  Enough being guilted into actions that only hurt us so that we aren't seen as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.  This is only rhetoric to keep us from acting in our self interest -- in this case, Western Civilization and Christendom.

The War is here everyone.  The battles are before us daily.  But these are only skirmishes to the larger battles that will ensue when the rivers will flow with blood.

 I am calling for Western Christian manhood to respond.  Are all of us so beaten down and scared to be men that we won't defend the women in our lives?  Have we all accepted that men really should be soft, weak, nice and passive?

Christian men of the West, rise up!!


Catholic Herald 

 This article was linked from Pewsitter and further emphasizes my points above.  The Provost for the Koln Cathedral made a public statement that shows where his heart lays -- with the invaders who aren't Catholic, Christian or European.

But since Pope Francis claims that we shouldn't proselytize and that you don't have to believe that Christ is the Son of God to be saved, then I guess this Provost is just "following orders". 

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