Saturday, January 23, 2016

Quick Post: British Evidence of Betrayal

This article was at the top of the Daily Mall this morning.  It highlights a book that shows what London really looks like. 

London is a foreign city

Remember, this isn't a future that I am predicting.  It is the PRESENT.  We are already here.  The Elites of the West have already made the decisions that will cost us our wealth, security, and our lives.

This again proves what I am reminding all of you - our leaders will betray us.  They are not our allies, our friends, our political partners.  They want what they want and we are not in their future.

The rest of the world DOES NOT have the right to live in the West.  The opposite position comes from a feeling of white/European guilt about the revisionist history that we have been taught that isn't true. 

I don't feel guilty for being a straight, white Caucasian male.  But these Elites have wanted me to feel guilty and sorry for those facts.  They have wanted to push the meme that I am the problem with the world and all the challenges the world faces are because of humans like me. 

I fundamentally reject the premise of the argument.

A fork in the road is coming quickly.  It would be best to figure out which direction you are going to turn.

Our leaders - political, religious, social, business - are our enemies.  They have sold their souls for power, ideology or money.  And they are intent on destroying everything that we know and love.

Make the decision to educate yourself and FIGHT!


rosaMaria said...

St. Margaret Marie Alacoque once 'declared', 'the Sacred Heart of Jesus is your only true friend'. And I would add, 'and the Immaculate Heart of Mary', paternal Heart of St. Joseph, too', because it follows, if the Blessed Virgin is the Mother of God, then how could she not also be our 'only true friend' as well? I sometimes need to keep-on reminding myself that our only true friends are the Sacred Hearts. It seems very 'wrong' also to call the leaders of governments 'elites', since to me that is a title of honour, which many of them do NOT deserve!!...

Guardian said...


You are right, elites should be in quotes to denote their opinion of themselves as well as a realistic appraisal of their current geopolitical control, unfortunately.

In the midst of all my posts, I do sometimes neglect something that I believe 100% - all of these efforts of man pale in comparison to God and to the avenues that He has created to stay connected to him. No matter what, we have Him despite the efforts of presidents, prime ministers, priests, and CEOs.

rosaMaria said...

Yes, thanks for your response, it makes perfect sense. Agree with what you stated!!...