Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Merkel's Kristallnacht is coming

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Please refer to the link below from Euronews regarding the quote in question.


This is the quote in full:

“Now all of a sudden we are facing the challenge that refugees are coming into Europe and we are vulnerable, as we see, because we don’t yet have the order, the control that we would like to have. We also have to intensify the fight against the causes that make people flee in the first place, then we’ll be able to reduce the number of refugees – that’s what we want to happen this year.”

 For all of the readers from Europe, be forewarned.  I have parsed my words regarding the gravity of the situation and what the future will be like for all in the West.  But no longer because here, in this quote, we have clear evidence of what is coming for all Europeans.

It is well established that the whole EU project, leading to complete and total political, economic, and social integration of Europe, is dependent on Angela Merkel's leadership in Germany and in Europe as a whole.  All progress in the EU project depends upon the political leadership of Germany bringing Germany along and Merkel has a clear record of support for the EU project.

Now, to what this quote REALLY means -- Merkel is upset because the social and legal controls that the ruling elites need in place to control the NATIVES of Europe are not completely in place and its causing problems because those same native Europeans are starting to protest and fight back and causing real problems for her and the political elites in Germany.

Look at the police response to these attacks across Europe (not just in Koln as posted earlier).

The police have made a direct effort to NOT find these invaders/criminals/animals and they have actively blocked accurate reporting of these incidents.  And this is not just about Germany -   look at the police response in the UK to the Rotherham sex ring run by Muslims.  Earlier today it was reported that at a music festival in Stockholm, girls under the age of 15 were sexually assaulted by "foreigners" last summer.

I repeat again for all those here to understand -- when push comes to shove, the secular governments in the West will choose the invaders over the natives.  The laws will be rewritten to protect them instead of the natives.

I titled this post, Merkel's Kristallnacht because Kristallnacht was on Nov. 9, 1938 where Nazis and Nazi sympathizers ransacked and destroyed thousands of Jewish properties across Germany.

This quote from Merkel takes you behind the veil and shows you that the ruling elites of Europe are planning the same thing -- the focused destruction of liberties and property.  Only this time, it's not the Jews that are the target (though they will be targeted as well), but the natives of Europe.  In its most crude definition, these Muslim invaders view Western women as the property of Western men and they are already raping, pillaging, and plundering.

They want your sisters, daughters, aunts, and cousins as slaves for them to abuse, rape and bear their children.

And where are you?  Dead.

Your churches?  Turned into mosques or destroyed.

The sounds of your town?  The call to prayer instead of church bells, or Beethoven...or even Bowie.

And what are the secular governments doing?  Nothing.  They are letting it happen -- just like the German police let attacks on Jews happen for years throughout Nazi Germany.

Unfortunately, all the compromised leaders of other institutions (like the Catholic Church to my great sadness) is on board this program and using empty morality and logic to justify these actions.

We cannot rely or trust our leaders anymore.  But we also must be clear about what we are and what we believe in and what we are willing to fight for.  I will address my suggestions in a later post.

But for now, it comes down to something very basic and primal -- survival.


eternalvisionfarmer said...

How to cooperate with God in stopping the plans of the enemy (satan)? Is there a better way than the following to help all parents be better parents? IF parents accepted the true love of all truth, would they please God and end up Catholic? Can the following be done at the local level so that the "wolves in shepherd's clothing" cannot stop it?
"A Poster and slip of paper" idea to help lead all to the one Faith God wants all to accept by HIS peaceful means.
To build up the foundation of civilization (the family) with a simple, new paradigm for helping spouses to do what they should be doing but many are not, to wash each other with a "bath of water with the Word" (Eph. 5:25) (truths that God has revealed that He wants all to know and believe)" and by helping them demonstrate a true love of (all) truth so that they may be saved (2Thes. 2:10)
Please: How can this be improved?
Suggested Poster for all ministers of all churches to put up and remind people of periodically, (and for all good parents, in all homes, all "domestic churches):
All truly good parents, all truly good citizens, are seen wanting to pray ever more perfectly, are seen washing each other with a “bath of the water with the Word” and committing themselves to a lifelong effort at being open to all Truth from God, through anyone. All truly good people are seen eager to know and believe whatever it is that God wants everyone to know and believe and to help others accept the true love of all truth, and therefore these people, in order to share them with others but especially with their children, are looking for GOD’S ANSWER to the best sequences of questions from people of all faiths with the best verifiable information and who are eager to share such in the sure faith that God’s answers for these questions will lead all, by peaceful means, to the one Faith God must will all to have and for them to thereby reject violence and all man made additions to this Faith.

"Is it not self-evident that someone is not a Person of goodwill (in the context of the message of the angel, ‘peace on earth to all men of goodwill’), if that person does not want, in their heart, to help everyone be holy, to do as they should, AND, that person refuses to sincerely ask for the help from God, for themselves and for everyone else, that is absolutely needed for anyone to want to help everyone, if that person refuses to ask for the help that God is eternally willing to give to all so that they may will to help everyone?
All truly good people want to help others and they want others to want to help everyone, they want to share the good they have with others, and therefore they try to learn the Truths, the “important/fundamental” information, that might be helpful to themselves or others in the future and they join their prayer to the eternal "prayer/will" of God for all to want to help all.
There are many in this church eager to help and encourage all spouses to wash each other with a "bath of water WITH the Word” the way GOD WANTS IT DONE (and they have some very good suggestions for questions and ways to do this) and to help anyone start or continue in this quest to pray as perfectly as possible and in the lifelong search for Truth and to help any who are now seeking to find everything God wants everyone to know and believe, one step, one question at a time."
(names, telephone numbers, email addresses)
Obviously people will eventually know everything in the above poster no matter how long it is if the minister makes a monthly, strongly worded comment reminding all that there are members of the church who are eager to help anyone find God's answer to all questions from anyone. Parents and children will each know (because the poster and the monthly reminders put a "spotlight on the parent's actions") whether or not the parents are, or are not, doing (more on my blog eternalvisionfarmer.blogspot.com

eternalvisionfarmer said...

As an additional thought: The devil obviously does not want people to "accept the love of truth so that they may be saved" and therefore the devil will do everything he can to delay that happening. The devil will especially try to convince ministers, shepherds, to not emphasize this essential ingredient to a holy life. I have had difficulty getting priests to talk about my poster idea. I recently wrote a comment on a priest's blog that has been left unanswered:

“The coming of the lawless one is apparent in the working of Satan, who uses all power, signs, lying wonders, and every kind of wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. (2 Thessalonians 2:7–10)” is the more important topic today because it gives the reason why so many are perishing: “because they refused to accept the love of truth so that they may be saved”. To combat the “lawless one” and to help people be saved, we must focus on helping them “accept the love of truth”!!!! What does a person do if they have accepted the loved of truth? What do people not do if they refuse to accept the love of truth???? Perhaps you could write a blog with a start at these two lists?
If someone accepts the love of truth and still holds to an error because they honestly do not yet see that it contradicts the TRUTH,but they are sincerely seeking to believe everything God wants everyone to know and believe, are they still saved by their love of truth? If we help Muslims, and Jews and Christians accept the love of truth, is that not what Jesus is asking?
I have an idea on my blog at eternalvisionfarmer.blogspot.com on “to help all parents be better parents” that I believe is the best way I have seen to encourage all people, of all faiths, to accept the love of truth because (once this idea is put into practice) ministers of all faiths will remind those in their churches that there are people in that church who are eager to help everyone do what they should be doing, seeking to believe whatever it is that God wants everyone to know and believe and understand the way God wants it understood, without pointing a finger at anyone in particular. Does anyone know of a better way to encourage people of all faiths to accept the love of truth than my idea on my blog? please send that way to me.
The only people I see not supporting my idea are those who do not want people to accept the love of truth and who fear where God will lead everyone, which might be “some” ministers in all faiths because the devil seems to have succeeded in “duping” some shepherds in an attempt to lead the sheep astray.

Do you know any priests who would come up with a list of do's for people who accept the love of truth?

Anne said...

Thank God for people like you--These are the end days no doubt satan is going around like a roaring lion to devour Souls as he knows his time is short we can only pray COME LORD JESUS COME>