Friday, January 22, 2016


On July 14, 1933, Adolf Hitler, after having taken the Chancellorship earlier in 1933 from President Paul Von Hindenburg, proclaimed the Law against the Establishment of Parties.  It basically states that no other political parties but the Nazi Party can exist in Germany. 

Clearly, the German government is taking its cue from a history that Germans were never allowed to forget in order to the game the system in her favor and the favor of other globalist elites in Germany. 

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German debates

Gleichschaltung essentially means, bringing all parties toward a common purpose or focus.  The Nazis used this word to describe bringing all the apparatuses of the Germany government under their control for their purposes.  But with this act, it is clear that the German government is very concerned to keep the "Islamic invaders are good for Germany and Europe" meme going no matter what.  No dissidence will be allowed.

Next step?  More limits on the free speech of the native German population.  

However, this WILL backfire on her, her party, the German mass media, globalist elites who see Germany as crucial to the failed EU experiment and to those who see the useful tool that is this Islamic invading army.

There are already calls from Muslim imams in Germany to halt the sale of alcohol.  When will pork products be next?  When will all meat in Germany have to be halal?

This will not end will.  The more they push, the more likely that this turns worse and worse in the reaction because you are directly challenging the culture, society, and values of Europe for millenia. 

That doesn't go quietly into the night.

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