Wednesday, January 6, 2016

For whom the Bruno tolls

Just saw this on a Pewsitter link to JihadWatch, run by Robert Spencer:

Jihad Watch

Archbishop Bruno Forte, professional schemer within the Vatican and dedicated to all things Modernist and Globalist recently said that Islam teaches non-violence in the name of god. 

If you haven't noticed, this is the line that many in the West say about Islam.  But the people saying that also have a vested interest in convincing as many Westerners as possible that this is true.  Why?

Why do so many of our leaders, spiritual and secular, want Westerners to believe that Islam, the very nature and teachings of that faith, is non-violent, modern, and who pray to the same god that Christians and Jews pray to? 

Since it is plainly obvious to anybody with two brain cells to rub together that this is simply not true, to restate the question -- why do so many leaders in the West want Westerners to believe falsehoods about Islam? 

Just read through this link at all the evidence that Robert Spencer outlines that are direct tenets and teachings of Islam from the beginning.  The evidence is overwhelming and the historical record is clear.  But I wanted to post about this as well as provide this link because I want as many out there clear about the modernists and globalists in the Vatican who have been working for 55 years to convince Catholics that there are few, if any, differences between Islam and Christianity. 

These people are not to be trusted.  They betray the Lord and betray the oaths they have made to teach and serve the faithful.  They are committed to destroying everything to further an agenda that they choose to keep nebulous.  But trust your instincts -- something is rotten in the state of Rome.  And these comments by this conspirator are another piece of evidence if you needed convincing that these men are not to be trusted.  They must be viewed with suspicion and cynicism. 

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