Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fascist Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg is a highly acclaimed executive of Facebook and is regarded as a leading feminist on the world stage. Given yesterday's post regarding Facebook, here is an article with more evidence from a different POV of what Facebook is up to.

Daily Mail Article

In this article, Sandberg says as Davos that we need to "like" terrorists and drive out their hate speech with "love speech".  I think we can classify this approach as the "Hippie Doctrine". 

And it never works.  When you deal with aggressive beasts, they view actions like this as if they were raw meat to devour.  They see it as weakness and they are encouraged by it.  The history of the conflict between Muslims and the West and how the West should respond can be reduced down to this basic premise that all children were taught: stand up to the bully.

Bullies get away with their actions because others don't stand up to them and kick their ass.  Rather than "respond to love", they see it as a negotiation and you don't have any options.  Meaning that they can do what they want and you will just want to appease them.  The post-WW2 response to the Muslim world has used this approach and that combined with Nazi Party elements that filtered down into the Middle East and you get this contemporary scourge that we now face.

Also, it is worth noting a specific initiative that Sandberg mentions in her comments that Facebook has with the German government to combat hate speech and hate groups on Facebook.

Might be worth to ask her how she defines "hate group", because the examples she highlights are "right-wing" groups. 

Remember, the current world leadership love to redefine words.  Do not assume that when they use words, the meaning that they have for these words are the same meanings that you have for these words.  Think in Orwellian terms.  Love is hate; Up is down; Black is white.

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