Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fascist Facebook

While contemplating my remarkable lack of alliteration on this blog, I have been coming across some reports, both published as well as personal from friends and family members.  Facebook is developing a fairly nasty habit of acting like Nazis.  No, seriously.  That's not code word for anything -- that's a literal accusation.

Apparently, whether you are talking about orthodox Catholic positions on issues like annulments and Bergoglio's recent actions or reporting on the beastly actions of the recent Muslim invaders of Europe, it appears Facebook has decided that they have the sole discretion on what constitutes a legitimate comment on their servers and what doesn't.

Their penchant for fascist speech standards matches actions taken by other multinational companies who have decided that in this fascist era (by definition, a partnership between an authoritarian government and business), free speech isn't necessary.  Last year, a group of patriots in Germany wrote an instrumental song about defending your homeland that went to the top of the charts on Amazon Deutschland.  Amazon was apparently so offended that Germans might actually want Germany to remain Germany that they wrote a press release to state that they would donate all their profits from these downloads to assisting the refugees. 

Amazon donations

Given the fascist tendencies of the Globalist movement, it should come as no surprise that these totalitarian acts would come from some of the world's biggest companies.  The values of these companies just so happen to coincide with the "values" that our politicians, business leaders, and meat puppets in the mainstream media keep telling us are our values that we would betray by acting in our own self interest.  This monolith of thought and coercive pressure is built on a house of cards -- falsity. 

Their whole structure is literally unreal.  And their whole structure, where they are controlling the events of this Earth, are coming to end quicker than they realize.  And that faster we realize this, the faster we can have our part in their demise. 

But back to those fascists from Menlo Park.  Since I don't have a Facebook account/page/life history in action, I don't have to worry about Facebook.  But I clearly am in the minority.  For the rest of you, be very careful.  They are tracking you, following you and editing you.  Find other ways to communicate with your family, friends and allies.  And especially in this 3rd World War, the ability to keep paths of communication clear will be very important. 

Twitter is a bit more amoral than Facebook.  But it appears, by the performance of their common stock over the last year, that somebody is pushing down the price of the stock to make it a takeover target (probably by some other fascist oriented company that can monitor Twitter users like Zuckerburg is following Facebook users.)

I am not the most well versed in social media.  But look elsewhere. 

The Nazis had a nasty habit of burning books.  Lots of books. 

Facebook is burning thoughts at an increasing rate.

Different generation, same story.

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