Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Example of Moral Decay from the USA

Across the USA, newspapers are reporting that the organizers of the Center for Medical Progress, the organization responsible for the videos exposing the activities of Planned Parenthood, are being indicted for various felonies because of the "how" of the videos.

Just food for thought: Planned Parenthood, an organization that has health clinics in poor, predominantly minority neighborhoods, where abortions only provide 2% of their revenues (despite the fact that they performed over 350,000 abortions every year), who receives $650 million in federal government funding every year that apparently cannot be blocked by the states, who donates money to political candidates and organizations (despite the fact that's illegal for "non-profits"), was...

  •  aborting babies in such a way that their bodies were not sufficiently mangled or destroyed.
  •  gather those body parts (which apparently are human now, but weren't when they were living)
  • distribute those same body parts to various medical companies to use for R&D
  • were financially compensated by these same medical companies for the body parts that they received from the abortions provided by Planned Parenthood

When these videos started coming out, I knew several things - that this was a major scandal and that NOBODY would be arrested and convicted for these crimes.  I knew the US Congress would not pass legislation stripping funding from Planned Parenthood that would force Obama to sign or veto.  I knew that this lack of action would feed those Americans who feel that the America that they grew up in is already lost - and they are really, really mad about it.

To prosecute and convict the whistle blowers of these immoral and legal crimes would not only be  another symptom of the destroyed USA, but it will be another snowflake on the snow mass.

Which one causes the avalanche?

By the way, the name Planned Parenthood is one of the great Orwellian monikers in current public life. 

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