Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Breasts, Riesling, and Schnitzel

I don't mean to be too provocative (who am I kidding, I'm a Scorpio), but I titled this post as I did to highlight a choice made by that great city of Rome to welcome the Iranian President.  Please read the link below:

Oktoberfest, of course.
Roman Holiday

This brings up something that I have discussed with family who have traveled to Europe often and know native Europeans well.  They have always said that though Europeans still hold on to the same prejudices that they always had (and I will not condemn them for that -- wake up, we all have prejudices), they will tacitly accept liberal/leftists political positions in public.  This explains why European resistance to the Muslim immigration since WW2 has been lukewarm at best.

However, there was a line that could not be crossed - the cultural food and drink and customs of average Europeans.  Attack pork products, wine, beer, and cultural clothing and identification and average Europeans will rise up to defend their culture (unfortunately, they aren't as willing to defend their faith, whatever faith they have left in the Almighty that united Europe). 

St. Lucia procession

Rather than being a harbinger of terrible things ahead (there are plenty of other things that show that, including part 2 below), I think the article linked above is a good sign.  It means that the rise of average Europeans against the invaders is coming.  I personally would have thought their general behavior as well as the reports of sexual assaults and rapes of European women by these beasts would have been enough to draw blood.  But this effort by the Roman and Vatican authorities to show such a lack of confidence in European civilization and self-censor means that more attempts like this are coming - and the resulting backlash will occur.

Part 2 - The Defilement of Tours

St. Martin of Tours

St. Martin of Tours is one of the great European Catholic Saints.  He is one of the Saints that so many Europeans were able to identify with, Martin being a soldier, that he and his cult helped to convert the remainder of Europe. 

So it is with great sadness that I saw this article today:

Blasphemy at Tours

Charles Martel "The Hammer"

That this happened in Tours, on top of this great saint's remains, near where Charles Martel, the hammer of Christendom, defeated Muslim forces coming out of Spain is disgusting at every level.  He is one of the great secular leaders in European history and his importance cannot be understated.

It is clear to me that our leaders, secular and religious, can't be trusted to either have integrity, common sense or belief.  For those of you who aren't Catholic, I understand if you harbor some distrust of the Faith - our recent batch of leaders worldwide isn't the best.  But I subscribe to the belief that "Europe is the Faith and the Faith is Europe." (Belloc)  They are intertwined and linked forever. 

As a Catholic, I am disgusted by the actions of these Catholic leaders who don't believe and can't represent the Faith properly or defend it. 

The West will have a battle for it's culture and civilization on its hands and it is not guaranteed that it will win.  We have traitors in our midst and mind-bending propaganda everyhwere. 

Stay strong. Stay clear.  Be brave.

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