Thursday, January 7, 2016

Betrayers (must read)

Here is a link to another article about the Battle of Koln.

Jihad in Germany

I encourage all of you to read this article COMPLETELY. 

These German politicians are doing exactly what I said they are intending to do.  The criminals aren't the invaders, but the German population that isn't "sensitive" enough to welcome these poor people who want nothing but peace.

I want it to become very clear to all who come here of exactly what I have been saying again and again again -- the western governments will choose the invaders over the natives.  We will be prosecuted.  Our rights will be taken away.  And they will continue to brainwash us into voting for it and supporting it. 

Take the red pill and open your eyes.

It is starting in Germany for all to see, but it won't end there. 

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