Saturday, January 9, 2016

Battle of Koln - recovery and reorganizing

News sources are reporting that the Chief of Police for Koln is retiring after the stunning collapse of his police on New Year's Eve to protect native Germans against the invaders welcomed by Frau Merkel and her Globalist-oriented government.

That's one.

I saw coverage of the protests in Koln on CNN this morning.  They nicely covered both protests.  The first one was the peaceful, feminist, pro-invader protest by confused, brainwashed Germans (mostly women).  The second one, highlighted by PEGIDA and others, was described as angry, racist, violent and far-right.  Clearly, the media are going to cover the events throughout the West this way in order to marginalize those who actually want to protect our families, communities, and civilizations. 

We cannot expect the mainstream media anywhere in the West to properly report what is going on.  Their vested interest is in the Globalist plan and in that scenario, like what we are seeing with the effort to create a global religion, is toward a global government that properly balances out the resources and power around the world rather than in the hands of westerners. 

But that shouldn't stop us from continuing to inform and educate because we have to balance out the misrepresentation of Islam as well as our governments.  We have to publish pictures online of these invaders.  We have to inform Western women throughout the West that they are targets so that more of these incidents don't occur.  And we need to be prepared to act because our governments will not. 

There was a tweet that linked to another site that I found disturbing, but necessary.  I will warn that the content within this article (words and descriptions only, no video or pictures) are disturbing.  But this is necessary in order to understand the Islamic threat that is now in our backyards, thanks to our leaders who DON'T have our interests at heart.

When Muslims rape and the Western Media looks the other way

These are the actions of an invading army.  This is how Islamic armies and Islamic men have acted since Mohammed. 

They won't stop until they are stopped.


rosaMaria said...

Thanks very much for your article. God is going to 'intervene' soon, don't you think? As in one of the messages of Our Lady of Fatima to the children Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia said, 'Whole nations will be annihilated'. Well, up until that day 'in the not too distant future', I believe we need to do our part and pray as never before, especially the Rosary and be in the state of grace always.

Guardian said...

Thank you for reading and for commenting. I hope others would be free to share their opinions as well.

I believe that Fatima will play some part in the events of the next few years. It seems clear that Our Lady was not listened to and that despite her admonitions, both lay Catholics and the Church leadership has chosen to go a different path. That, obviously, will have consequences of which we are living through some of them right now.

I also believe that God is intervening at every moment of Earthly time, but perhaps in ways that are not easily discerned. This whole arrogant, humanist experiment that we have been thrown into over the last 250 years is reaching its end and the tremors from that collapse will affect everyone on Earth and every institution on Earth.

As always, listen to the Blessed Mother. Pray the rosary daily. Adore the Blessed Sacrament. Confess regularly. And ask for the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

We will be required to take real actions in the world, but the spiritual battle must be won. We must exercise our free will to play our part in this battle.