Monday, January 18, 2016

Are there any Christian leaders anymore?

As we witness the capitulation of our secular leadership in the West during the early stages of the 3rd World War, I am left saddened by the state of affairs we are currently experiencing.  In one of the many articles on the invasion of Europe, the bankrupt governments, the jobless rates and the moral relativism, I am left wondering: are there any Christian leaders anymore?  Are there any leaders who unabashedly state that they are Christian, believe the Creed, and act based upon that (with an understanding that they are secular leaders, not religious)?

Whether we look at Merkel, Hollande, Rajoy, Trudeau or Obama, none of them could accurately be called Christian leaders or even leaders who happen to be Christian.  They are secularists who worship at the altar of the currently constructed contemporary world where modernism, marxism, atheistic science and Nietzschean morality are the only factors at play.  To them, we live in the post-Christian world, where Christianity has been weighed, measured and found wanting.  All of us Christians are simply fools who believe in that ancient religion, with all its "miracles" and God incarnating as a human being and life everlasting.

These men and women, and they go far beyond politics, to business, media, the arts, and yes, religion, see us as the roadblock and the enemy.  As I have said before, our secular governments are not our friends and should not be seen as protecting us.  Look at what Merkel has done to Germany.  One million invaders already within its borders; women sexually assaulted, raped and killed on a daily basis; police admitting that they are powerless to stop these attacks.  Ministers proposing that Germans pay more for petrol in order to fund this invasion.

Merkel has led Germany like lambs to the slaughter.

But to get back to my original question: are there any Christian leaders anymore?

In a somewhat hopeful tone, I say yes.  And all of them have had both the threat of Islam and the tortuous weigh of atheism over the decades and have come out still Christian.  It is actually quite remarkable that after 70 years as an atheistic country, President Vladimir Putin has been able to argue and promote Christian morality and Christian fellowship for his actions in and around Russia.

Who else but Putin has called for intervention in Syria to protect Christians?  In the US, we hear about the Yazidis (persecuted no doubt), but Christians are suffering the same threat.  Any word from Obama?

Who else but Putin has stated that their country will not allow homosexuals to promote and market their behavior to children?  In the US, it's the mark of tolerance that we show children how gay sex is performed and if a 5 year old boy says he's really a girl, then we give him a sex change so that he can be a "girl".

Putin and other leaders in Eastern Europe are very clear about the threats and about the ethic that must be our light going forward.  It's Christ.  While the rest of the West finds every conceivable way to forgive every action done against our Christian morality and ethics, these leaders are refusing to play political correctness in the face of an existential threat.

No doubt they aren't perfect.  Secular politics is a dirty game where no matter how spotless you are going in, you will be muddied going out.  But at least they are stating clearly that they are Christians, without apology.

Let us pray not for the leaders we deserve, but the leaders we need both in the secular world and in the Church.  Ask the Blessed Mother for her intercession.  Ask St. Catherine of Siena and St. Bernard of Clairvaux for their intercessions given their experience with both secular and religious leaders.


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