Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some evidence that the war is being met

Under normal circumstances, I would suggest restraining yourself from violence and use discernment to tell you when best to defend yourself or others.

But we aren't living in normal circumstances.  Please check out this video in the link below.  It appears that the wimpification of Western men hasn't hit all Western men.

Muslim refugees beaten up while attempting to steal

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Breasts, Riesling, and Schnitzel

I don't mean to be too provocative (who am I kidding, I'm a Scorpio), but I titled this post as I did to highlight a choice made by that great city of Rome to welcome the Iranian President.  Please read the link below:

Oktoberfest, of course.
Roman Holiday

This brings up something that I have discussed with family who have traveled to Europe often and know native Europeans well.  They have always said that though Europeans still hold on to the same prejudices that they always had (and I will not condemn them for that -- wake up, we all have prejudices), they will tacitly accept liberal/leftists political positions in public.  This explains why European resistance to the Muslim immigration since WW2 has been lukewarm at best.

However, there was a line that could not be crossed - the cultural food and drink and customs of average Europeans.  Attack pork products, wine, beer, and cultural clothing and identification and average Europeans will rise up to defend their culture (unfortunately, they aren't as willing to defend their faith, whatever faith they have left in the Almighty that united Europe). 

St. Lucia procession

Rather than being a harbinger of terrible things ahead (there are plenty of other things that show that, including part 2 below), I think the article linked above is a good sign.  It means that the rise of average Europeans against the invaders is coming.  I personally would have thought their general behavior as well as the reports of sexual assaults and rapes of European women by these beasts would have been enough to draw blood.  But this effort by the Roman and Vatican authorities to show such a lack of confidence in European civilization and self-censor means that more attempts like this are coming - and the resulting backlash will occur.

Part 2 - The Defilement of Tours

St. Martin of Tours

St. Martin of Tours is one of the great European Catholic Saints.  He is one of the Saints that so many Europeans were able to identify with, Martin being a soldier, that he and his cult helped to convert the remainder of Europe. 

So it is with great sadness that I saw this article today:

Blasphemy at Tours

Charles Martel "The Hammer"

That this happened in Tours, on top of this great saint's remains, near where Charles Martel, the hammer of Christendom, defeated Muslim forces coming out of Spain is disgusting at every level.  He is one of the great secular leaders in European history and his importance cannot be understated.

It is clear to me that our leaders, secular and religious, can't be trusted to either have integrity, common sense or belief.  For those of you who aren't Catholic, I understand if you harbor some distrust of the Faith - our recent batch of leaders worldwide isn't the best.  But I subscribe to the belief that "Europe is the Faith and the Faith is Europe." (Belloc)  They are intertwined and linked forever. 

As a Catholic, I am disgusted by the actions of these Catholic leaders who don't believe and can't represent the Faith properly or defend it. 

The West will have a battle for it's culture and civilization on its hands and it is not guaranteed that it will win.  We have traitors in our midst and mind-bending propaganda everyhwere. 

Stay strong. Stay clear.  Be brave.

Example of Moral Decay from the USA

Across the USA, newspapers are reporting that the organizers of the Center for Medical Progress, the organization responsible for the videos exposing the activities of Planned Parenthood, are being indicted for various felonies because of the "how" of the videos.

Just food for thought: Planned Parenthood, an organization that has health clinics in poor, predominantly minority neighborhoods, where abortions only provide 2% of their revenues (despite the fact that they performed over 350,000 abortions every year), who receives $650 million in federal government funding every year that apparently cannot be blocked by the states, who donates money to political candidates and organizations (despite the fact that's illegal for "non-profits"), was...

  •  aborting babies in such a way that their bodies were not sufficiently mangled or destroyed.
  •  gather those body parts (which apparently are human now, but weren't when they were living)
  • distribute those same body parts to various medical companies to use for R&D
  • were financially compensated by these same medical companies for the body parts that they received from the abortions provided by Planned Parenthood

When these videos started coming out, I knew several things - that this was a major scandal and that NOBODY would be arrested and convicted for these crimes.  I knew the US Congress would not pass legislation stripping funding from Planned Parenthood that would force Obama to sign or veto.  I knew that this lack of action would feed those Americans who feel that the America that they grew up in is already lost - and they are really, really mad about it.

To prosecute and convict the whistle blowers of these immoral and legal crimes would not only be  another symptom of the destroyed USA, but it will be another snowflake on the snow mass.

Which one causes the avalanche?

By the way, the name Planned Parenthood is one of the great Orwellian monikers in current public life. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hitting closer to home

This doesn't surprise me at all because I know enough about Islam, both their beliefs and their historical record.  I actually expect more Muslim groups to proclaim this re-occupation publicly since it is a clear expectation of their faith.  If it was once controlled by Muslims, then it is their property forever.

ISIS threat to Spain

This is also something very personal to me.  My maternal grandmother was 100% Asturian.  For those of you who don't know, Asturian refers to Asturias in the Northern part of Spain.  This area was the only part of Spain that wasn't conquered by the Muslims in the 7th and 8th centuries and was the starting part for the RECONQUISTA that over a period 780 years took back the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims.

And I'll be damned if they will take it back while I am alive.  

The only difference is that the enemies of our civilization aren't coming in formed armies, marching over terrain and sailing in warships.  They have been let in the back door by our elected leaders in plain site.  They have been given jobs, food, homes, and rights that were rightfully ours from the blood, sweat and faith of our ancestors.  Excuses are made for them by our religious leaders.

We have been betrayed.

I said to all of you in A Call to Arms, Part 2 that you needed to know what group you were a part of, what you belonged to, where you come from to know what values you have, what you will fight for, defend, and die for.

This is why. 

War is here and we must unify.

Tomorrow, part 3 of A Call to Arms will be posted.  Be ready to go to work.

Is Guardian becoming prophetic?

I saw this link off of Pewsitter and I found it very interesting.

A German girl's account 

Seems to coincide with a previous post about Facebook.

Facebook users beware.

Food for Thought about the Elites and their Programs

I copied this video from  It's a 6 minute video.  Give it a look and tell me what you think.

Quick Post: British Evidence of Betrayal

This article was at the top of the Daily Mall this morning.  It highlights a book that shows what London really looks like. 

London is a foreign city

Remember, this isn't a future that I am predicting.  It is the PRESENT.  We are already here.  The Elites of the West have already made the decisions that will cost us our wealth, security, and our lives.

This again proves what I am reminding all of you - our leaders will betray us.  They are not our allies, our friends, our political partners.  They want what they want and we are not in their future.

The rest of the world DOES NOT have the right to live in the West.  The opposite position comes from a feeling of white/European guilt about the revisionist history that we have been taught that isn't true. 

I don't feel guilty for being a straight, white Caucasian male.  But these Elites have wanted me to feel guilty and sorry for those facts.  They have wanted to push the meme that I am the problem with the world and all the challenges the world faces are because of humans like me. 

I fundamentally reject the premise of the argument.

A fork in the road is coming quickly.  It would be best to figure out which direction you are going to turn.

Our leaders - political, religious, social, business - are our enemies.  They have sold their souls for power, ideology or money.  And they are intent on destroying everything that we know and love.

Make the decision to educate yourself and FIGHT!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Swedish meatballs but no bollocks

Just as I made the clear, legal statement regarding current man Jorge Bergoglio and the current status of the Papal office and the throne of St. Peter, I am going to start moving to other offices throughout the West.  Lets begin with Swedish PM and his comments at Davos with CNBC host Julia Chatterley (no jokes).  See link.

Swedish PM comments

I will research the rest of this man's career and public commentary before I make an official statement about him (though my legal standing is weak since I am not a Swedish citizen, EU citizen, or of Swedish descent).  But I will say one thing about him:

He is not a man.

Men don't make excuses for why the women in their culture/tribe/kin group are raped and sexually abused by invaders from another group.  Men make sure, one way or another, that doesn't happen.  And this is the premier authority in the land of Sweden, home of natural blondes, ABBA and IKEA.

And what does he do?  Make excuses for the invaders.

There is nothing in my being that would allow me to react to this invasion the way this prime minister has.  In fact, I would be more inclined to take matters into my own hands to ensure that these beasts never commit these acts again.  I find it as deplorable as any other strong male would throughout history when this was occurring to his people/clan/group (and yes, though I am not Swedish, they are a Germanic tribe and I am of Germanic stock).  I can't be the only one.

We (the West) have the leaders we deserve.  When will we do what we need to do to get the leaders we want?


On July 14, 1933, Adolf Hitler, after having taken the Chancellorship earlier in 1933 from President Paul Von Hindenburg, proclaimed the Law against the Establishment of Parties.  It basically states that no other political parties but the Nazi Party can exist in Germany. 

Clearly, the German government is taking its cue from a history that Germans were never allowed to forget in order to the game the system in her favor and the favor of other globalist elites in Germany. 

See link below.

German debates

Gleichschaltung essentially means, bringing all parties toward a common purpose or focus.  The Nazis used this word to describe bringing all the apparatuses of the Germany government under their control for their purposes.  But with this act, it is clear that the German government is very concerned to keep the "Islamic invaders are good for Germany and Europe" meme going no matter what.  No dissidence will be allowed.

Next step?  More limits on the free speech of the native German population.  

However, this WILL backfire on her, her party, the German mass media, globalist elites who see Germany as crucial to the failed EU experiment and to those who see the useful tool that is this Islamic invading army.

There are already calls from Muslim imams in Germany to halt the sale of alcohol.  When will pork products be next?  When will all meat in Germany have to be halal?

This will not end will.  The more they push, the more likely that this turns worse and worse in the reaction because you are directly challenging the culture, society, and values of Europe for millenia. 

That doesn't go quietly into the night.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Are you a Pharisee?

It has been very vogue recently for Bergoglio (as you know, "Pope Francis" will not be published here again since I have claimed he has forfeited the throne of St. Peter and it is currently unoccupied) and his ilk to call those who believe in Catholic doctrine and dogma as cold hearted Pharisees.  Pharisees were a class of Jewish priests at the time of Christ who applied the Law to issues surrounding the Jewish community in and around present day Israel.  They have a reputation for being stubborn and unwilling to accept the actions of Christ and play a part in his eventual arrest, condemnation, and crucifixion of Our Lord.

Obviously, as a Christian, you really don't want to be associated with this class of people. 

And that is what Bergoglio has done.

But are you a Pharisee?  And what is Bergoglio really up to by calling faithful, believing Catholics "Pharisees"?  How is he trying to influence the opinions of everyday Catholics by using this slander?

Pharisees are connected to a stubborn adherence to the Law, to doctrine and to show no mercy, compassion or understanding for those who fail in the face of the Law.  The punishment fits the crime says the comparison to that loving Argentinian who is leading a true revolution of the heart by forcing the Church to be a Church of the Poor, a poor Church where Mercy is the name of God.

Gee, who wouldn't want to be aligned with the Argentinian and keep your distance from those merciless, heartless, un-Christian Catholics that are rightfully called "Pharisees" who shouldn't be trusted to express any truthful understanding of the Lord or of the Church.

Simply by making the accusation, anyone who believes in the Truth of Catholic doctrine and dogma has now been marginalized in the eyes of the casual faithful (you know, those who don't obsessively read Catholic blogs, websites, encyclicals, etc. like some of us...).

But what is the dynamic here and how legitimate is it?

First, what's the difference between doctrine and practice?  And what does it have to do with Pharisees?

It has to do with a plan among several people which technically is a conspiracy.  It is a conspiracy that has worked several times before and is well know among Catholic blog circles:

Change the practice and you change the doctrine.

Here's an example for you:  Prior to the liturgical changes led by Archbishop Bugnini (only Google his name if you want to make yourself sick), the Eucharist was only received on your knees and on your tongue.  In this case, the practice emphasized the doctrine -- the Eucharist IS the Body of Christ and to receive Him, you must humble yourself before Him. 

Then the liturgical practices changed.  Pope Paul VI approved of liturgical changes that came to be the Novus Ordo Mass and within that "Mass", the Eucharist was to be received standing and in the hand (assuming your liturgical conference received a special indult in order to allow this (which everyone asked for and received).  Now the practice was CONTRARY to the doctrine.  The result:

The vast majority of Catholics don't believe in the Real Presence.

With all the interesting ways the Bergoglio describes the Catholic Faith and doctrine, you can understand why so many Catholics are confused about the Faith at this time. And you can also understand that if you create the false dichotomy that Bergoglio has created between "real" Catholics who subscribe to his version of the Church and those mean, traditional, cold hearted "Pharisees" who only see the Law and nothing else matters, why those same Catholics wouldn't want to be associated with the "Pharisees".

So the effectiveness of the tactic is clear. 

But is he right?  Did Christ reject the Law in instituting the Church?

Short answer: No.  He came to fulfill the Law as he said in the Gospel of Matthew  Chapter 5, verse 17

So if He came to fulfill the Law, then the Law (ie, Doctrine) can't be bad, right?  And yet, it is Bergoglio that tells us that following the Law, defending the Law and making the Law more clearly understood by the faithful is wrong, lacks mercy and compassion, and isn't true to the Faith.

Seems like there is a conflict here.  Either Our Lord is wrong or Bergoglio is wrong.

I'll let you figure that one out on your own.

Short conclusion: Being called a Pharisee by this man is probably a good indicator that you are following and believing precisely what Our Lord wants us to be.  His pathetic attempt to label us with a pejorative term in order to make our thoughts, actions and words in the Catholic world impotent in this battle over the Souls of men will come to naught.

Fight every attempt to alter practice.  Practices are physical and psychological and behavioral cues for people to understand what is going on.  Practices matter because they should reflect and emphasize doctrine.

And the Law matters.  It matters to Christ and it matters to us.

Fascist Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg is a highly acclaimed executive of Facebook and is regarded as a leading feminist on the world stage. Given yesterday's post regarding Facebook, here is an article with more evidence from a different POV of what Facebook is up to.

Daily Mail Article

In this article, Sandberg says as Davos that we need to "like" terrorists and drive out their hate speech with "love speech".  I think we can classify this approach as the "Hippie Doctrine". 

And it never works.  When you deal with aggressive beasts, they view actions like this as if they were raw meat to devour.  They see it as weakness and they are encouraged by it.  The history of the conflict between Muslims and the West and how the West should respond can be reduced down to this basic premise that all children were taught: stand up to the bully.

Bullies get away with their actions because others don't stand up to them and kick their ass.  Rather than "respond to love", they see it as a negotiation and you don't have any options.  Meaning that they can do what they want and you will just want to appease them.  The post-WW2 response to the Muslim world has used this approach and that combined with Nazi Party elements that filtered down into the Middle East and you get this contemporary scourge that we now face.

Also, it is worth noting a specific initiative that Sandberg mentions in her comments that Facebook has with the German government to combat hate speech and hate groups on Facebook.

Might be worth to ask her how she defines "hate group", because the examples she highlights are "right-wing" groups. 

Remember, the current world leadership love to redefine words.  Do not assume that when they use words, the meaning that they have for these words are the same meanings that you have for these words.  Think in Orwellian terms.  Love is hate; Up is down; Black is white.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fascist Facebook

While contemplating my remarkable lack of alliteration on this blog, I have been coming across some reports, both published as well as personal from friends and family members.  Facebook is developing a fairly nasty habit of acting like Nazis.  No, seriously.  That's not code word for anything -- that's a literal accusation.

Apparently, whether you are talking about orthodox Catholic positions on issues like annulments and Bergoglio's recent actions or reporting on the beastly actions of the recent Muslim invaders of Europe, it appears Facebook has decided that they have the sole discretion on what constitutes a legitimate comment on their servers and what doesn't.

Their penchant for fascist speech standards matches actions taken by other multinational companies who have decided that in this fascist era (by definition, a partnership between an authoritarian government and business), free speech isn't necessary.  Last year, a group of patriots in Germany wrote an instrumental song about defending your homeland that went to the top of the charts on Amazon Deutschland.  Amazon was apparently so offended that Germans might actually want Germany to remain Germany that they wrote a press release to state that they would donate all their profits from these downloads to assisting the refugees. 

Amazon donations

Given the fascist tendencies of the Globalist movement, it should come as no surprise that these totalitarian acts would come from some of the world's biggest companies.  The values of these companies just so happen to coincide with the "values" that our politicians, business leaders, and meat puppets in the mainstream media keep telling us are our values that we would betray by acting in our own self interest.  This monolith of thought and coercive pressure is built on a house of cards -- falsity. 

Their whole structure is literally unreal.  And their whole structure, where they are controlling the events of this Earth, are coming to end quicker than they realize.  And that faster we realize this, the faster we can have our part in their demise. 

But back to those fascists from Menlo Park.  Since I don't have a Facebook account/page/life history in action, I don't have to worry about Facebook.  But I clearly am in the minority.  For the rest of you, be very careful.  They are tracking you, following you and editing you.  Find other ways to communicate with your family, friends and allies.  And especially in this 3rd World War, the ability to keep paths of communication clear will be very important. 

Twitter is a bit more amoral than Facebook.  But it appears, by the performance of their common stock over the last year, that somebody is pushing down the price of the stock to make it a takeover target (probably by some other fascist oriented company that can monitor Twitter users like Zuckerburg is following Facebook users.)

I am not the most well versed in social media.  But look elsewhere. 

The Nazis had a nasty habit of burning books.  Lots of books. 

Facebook is burning thoughts at an increasing rate.

Different generation, same story.

Jorge Bergoglio's Fiddling

A curious thing happened on the way to the Papal audience...

One Peter Five

As reported by Steve Skojec at One Peter Five, a group of Lutherans are reported, by Sandro Magister, that after meeting Bergoglio (as I call him since I have officially claimed, through my standing in the Catholic Church, that he has abdicated the throne of St. Peter) they participated in a Catholic Mass where the Lutherans received the Body of Our Lord.

The linked article states that this is being reported by Magister referencing a Finnish report (of a Lutheran persuasion) that this took place.  That in and of itself requires that we are cautious about this report.  Also, it was reported that Bergoglio wasn't present for this desecration.

But I am reminded of the classic story of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns.  It is actually quite fitting that Bergoglio didn't personally commit this travesty but that he created the environment in the Church where something like this could actually be attempted. 

And all the while, Bergoglio plays his fiddle...

Monday, January 18, 2016

More German delusions about Islam

I happen to like Deutsche Welle.  I think that there programming are nice advertisements to go visit Germany and great opportunities to see how beautiful Germany and Germans are and how rich their culture is.

With that being said, I want to comment on the DW interview with the German ambassador to the Vatican and her recent comments about Germany and Islam.  To use a phrase that I absolutely abhor, this woman clearly is on the "wrong side of history."  She is delusional and, considering her CV, she has an obsession with Islam and promoting Islam.  And just like other German officials, she is clearly ready to sacrifice the German people, German culture, and German education (heck probably German food as well.  I hear pork schnitzl is on her list.)

Rather than comment, just head over to the interview through the link below and see for yourself.

Deutsche Welle

Critical Thinking Skills - A case study

One of the great travesties of modern education in the West is the lack of focus on critical thinking skills -- those intellectual skills that allow us to truly be independent thinkers, unswayed by fancy words, pathos arguments, and flashy pictures.

It's obvious why ruling elites would not want those skills developed widely -- a thinking populace is a dangerous populace.  And with a reduction in thinking, people are more easily distracted by IPhones, Apps, Netflix movies, selfies, or to "busy, giddy minds with foreign wars" (Henry IV, Part 2).

But I want everyone who comes here to be encouraged to think for themselves.  Though I believe I have thoughts and ideas that are worth sharing, the more independent thinkers that are on this earth to evaluate the news, headlines, wikipedia pages, and propaganda, the better the world will be.  So for this post, I am focusing on a Bloomberg article found at the link below about Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (you know, "DAVOS!").


The article has to do with the European invasion and what might come next.  As I have done before, I will provide direct quotes from the article and then write my commentary after each section.

“Look how many countries in Africa, for example, depend on the income from oil exports,” Schwab said in an interview ahead of the WEF’s 46th annual meeting, in the Swiss resort of Davos. “Now imagine 1 billion inhabitants, imagine they all move north.

Notice the presumption that everyone in the world wants, and should, be able to move to Europe especially if economic times are bad.  Is there a subtle form of European (ie. white Caucasian) guilt present in this presumption?

 That fits into what Schwab, the founder of the WEF, calls the time of “unexpected consequences” we now live in. In the modern era, it’s harder for policy makers to know the impact of their actions, which has led to “erosion of trust in decision makers.” 

A time of "unexpected consequences"? Sounds like Jorge Bergoglio, doesn't it?  At least he is recognizing that we don't trust our leaders anymore.  But to give them an excuse that they can't know the impact of their actions?  Who in the room didn't know that adding a 1 million man invading army into Europe would cause major problems?

“First, we have to look at the root causes of this,” Schwab said. “The normal citizen today is overwhelmed by the complexity and rapidity of what’s happening, not only in the political world but also the technological field.”
That sense of dislocation has fueled the rise of radical political leaders who tap into a rich vein of anger and xenophobia. For reason to prevail, Schwab said, “we have to re-establish a sense that we all are in the same boat.” 

Ah, here Herr Schwab shows us more than he might have intended.  First, he shows his contempt for our intellectual abilities saying that we are overwhelmed by the speed of "progress".  Maybe it's because our leaders and the media are constantly lying to us?  But of course, our confusion leads to anger and xenophobia, which is inherently irrational. But when our leaders ask us for higher petrol taxes to pay for these invading armies, doesn't that look like betrayal?  What is the average Westerner getting for being so magnanimous?  

And then finally, the cherry on top, and the exact thing I mentioned in a recent post -- we are all part of the same family and that we are all the same.  The globalist agenda can't prevail as long as we understand that though we might all be homo sapiens, we don't all share the same values, culture, customs, dress, habits, faiths or leadership structures.

While that presents huge opportunities, Schwab warns that technological innovation may result in the loss of 20 million jobs in the coming years. Those job cuts risk “hollowing out the middle class,” Schwab said, “a pillar of our democracies.” 

Be forewarned, this is the future.  He is telling everyone who reads this carefully, that this isn't a "may" this is a "will".  Technology will eliminate 20 million jobs in the West in the near future.  He is also stating that as we go through this technological revolution, democracy will end.  But beyond that, there is something more dastardly here -- what do you do with 25-30 million people who can't get jobs?  Why are you importing into Europe millions of uneducated people who won't be able to find jobs?   

You can't view the world through rose-colored glasses.  I know that conclusions such as these are cynical at best, conspiratorial at worse.  But, you cannot assume these people are thinking of how best to help us.  They have plans and they are currently executing them.  We must fight back.  We must protect our families, our communities, our heritage, our culture, and our Faith.

We have everything we need to win.  But we need to unify and we must do it now.  We have communication resources that can connect anyone across the world.  We must use them.

If you are in areas where there are cultural conflicts, please post your experiences in the comments.  Let us know what's going on in your city/town/village.  We cannot rely on the mass media to tell us the truth.  


Are there any Christian leaders anymore?

As we witness the capitulation of our secular leadership in the West during the early stages of the 3rd World War, I am left saddened by the state of affairs we are currently experiencing.  In one of the many articles on the invasion of Europe, the bankrupt governments, the jobless rates and the moral relativism, I am left wondering: are there any Christian leaders anymore?  Are there any leaders who unabashedly state that they are Christian, believe the Creed, and act based upon that (with an understanding that they are secular leaders, not religious)?

Whether we look at Merkel, Hollande, Rajoy, Trudeau or Obama, none of them could accurately be called Christian leaders or even leaders who happen to be Christian.  They are secularists who worship at the altar of the currently constructed contemporary world where modernism, marxism, atheistic science and Nietzschean morality are the only factors at play.  To them, we live in the post-Christian world, where Christianity has been weighed, measured and found wanting.  All of us Christians are simply fools who believe in that ancient religion, with all its "miracles" and God incarnating as a human being and life everlasting.

These men and women, and they go far beyond politics, to business, media, the arts, and yes, religion, see us as the roadblock and the enemy.  As I have said before, our secular governments are not our friends and should not be seen as protecting us.  Look at what Merkel has done to Germany.  One million invaders already within its borders; women sexually assaulted, raped and killed on a daily basis; police admitting that they are powerless to stop these attacks.  Ministers proposing that Germans pay more for petrol in order to fund this invasion.

Merkel has led Germany like lambs to the slaughter.

But to get back to my original question: are there any Christian leaders anymore?

In a somewhat hopeful tone, I say yes.  And all of them have had both the threat of Islam and the tortuous weigh of atheism over the decades and have come out still Christian.  It is actually quite remarkable that after 70 years as an atheistic country, President Vladimir Putin has been able to argue and promote Christian morality and Christian fellowship for his actions in and around Russia.

Who else but Putin has called for intervention in Syria to protect Christians?  In the US, we hear about the Yazidis (persecuted no doubt), but Christians are suffering the same threat.  Any word from Obama?

Who else but Putin has stated that their country will not allow homosexuals to promote and market their behavior to children?  In the US, it's the mark of tolerance that we show children how gay sex is performed and if a 5 year old boy says he's really a girl, then we give him a sex change so that he can be a "girl".

Putin and other leaders in Eastern Europe are very clear about the threats and about the ethic that must be our light going forward.  It's Christ.  While the rest of the West finds every conceivable way to forgive every action done against our Christian morality and ethics, these leaders are refusing to play political correctness in the face of an existential threat.

No doubt they aren't perfect.  Secular politics is a dirty game where no matter how spotless you are going in, you will be muddied going out.  But at least they are stating clearly that they are Christians, without apology.

Let us pray not for the leaders we deserve, but the leaders we need both in the secular world and in the Church.  Ask the Blessed Mother for her intercession.  Ask St. Catherine of Siena and St. Bernard of Clairvaux for their intercessions given their experience with both secular and religious leaders.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Call to Arms, Part 2

Earlier in the life of this blog, I posted "A Call to Arms, Part 1".

In it I stated, from a faithful, traditional Catholic POV, that the first thing that needs to be done is to take back our parishes.  For too long, we have allowed the most activist, leftist parishioners to occupy key lay positions (pay and volunteer) and through that, influence the life of the parish, the activities of the parish and the liturgical habits of the priest assigned to that parish.  They have kept potentially faithful, believing priests from instituting some liturgical correctness while encouraging pious devotions and teaching the faithful real orthodox Catholicism. 

And so, for those who read this who aren't Catholic, I understand that Part 1 might not seem applicable to you.  But, I would venture to say that in some part of your spiritual life, there is some institution that you may be a part of.  And in that institution there are both traditional elements and progressive elements. 

In that context, I encourage you to support the traditional elements and forego the progressive, modernist ones.

With that clarification, I am on to the next step.

Step 2: What's your tribe?

Something that our modernist, contemporary intellectuals deny till their last breath is that people are different, cultures are different, religions are different, and heck, even that the sexes are different.

Any level of discernment will tell you that's simply not true.  We live in a world of different people, different cultures, different ideas, different values and yes, even different sexes.  Differences exist and there's nothing wrong in saying it.  What your responsibility is to figure out what and where you come from and what you are a part of. 

For reference, I will state here what I am. 

I was born in the USA to parents born in the USA (so I guess that means I could actually run for President.  Any support?).  Most of my grandparents were born in this country, but my great grandparents were not.  They all come from Europe and I consider myself, despite some very clear Gen X American elements to be of European descent -- socially, culturally, intellectually, physically (appearance) and religiously. 

I was technically born Catholic, was baptized Catholic, but not raised Catholic.  So I have attitudes of a convert because it was my responsibility to bring myself to the Truth.  And the Truth is very clear to me, which is why I state what I state here and on my Twitter account (@JamesTScorpio)

My allegiance is to that descent and Faith and my orientation is to that descent.  Because of that orientation, I know what I will fight for and what I will die for.  I refused, at the most fundamental level, the contemporary attitude that homogenizes all social, cultural and religious values to a few base, meaningless platitudes that we should all subscribe to.  This is why I have focused on Germany, England and other places in Europe where the first string of battles of WW3 are commencing and why I know those same battles are coming to America. I know clearly what I will fight for, what I will die for and what I identify as.

That is the great danger that I am specifically addressing with the second stage of A Call to Arms - confusion.

If we subscribe to that homogenized culture, then we will blindly listen to everything our governmental and intellectual masters tell us.  Unfortunately for us Catholics, that also explicitly includes Jorge Bergoglio (I have made my statement regarding him earlier) and the Vatican.  Within that homogenized culture, racism, sexism, homophobia, democracy, and political correctness are the only things worth fighting for - which is why most of the mass media is highlighting the "neo-Nazi" elements in Europe that are not welcoming with open arms these poor, hungry refugees that only want a better life elsewhere.  What's the problem since they are just brothers in our global community, right?  If they are raping young adult, white, blonde, European girls then I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding, right?  If we were just more accomodating to them, this wouldn't happen?  Maybe, just like the Koln mayor said, if these same nubile, young women weren't flaunting themselves in such a callous disrespect for these refugees, we could all live together peacefully.

The problem with that is that it isn't just illogical, it's wrong.  History tells us its wrong. 

And don't counter with the "well, we are wiser and more evolved now than previous generations and we are making right what was wrong" argument.  That argument, a subtle undercurrent in many mainstream arguments, is the height of arrogance.

Humans are, for better or worse, tribal.  That tribe might be tens of people or it may be billions.  But tribal we are.  At this time on this planet, when the world war 3 has begun, when all institutions will be challenged, when it is incredibly important that you don't become a casualty, that you know what you are a part of and what that entails.

So, I ask you, as part 2, to consider through true discernment, to clearly identify what you are a part of, whether that is religious, social, cultural or philosophic -- or all of them.  Whatever tribe/group you identify with will tell you what values you have and what values you will fight for.

This will not be easy, but at least at the end of this process, you will know where you stand.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Merkel's Kristallnacht is coming

Number of rosaries done in reparation for the desecration of the Eucharist:50

Number of people signed up for daily rosaries for this intention: 1

Please refer to the link below from Euronews regarding the quote in question.


This is the quote in full:

“Now all of a sudden we are facing the challenge that refugees are coming into Europe and we are vulnerable, as we see, because we don’t yet have the order, the control that we would like to have. We also have to intensify the fight against the causes that make people flee in the first place, then we’ll be able to reduce the number of refugees – that’s what we want to happen this year.”

 For all of the readers from Europe, be forewarned.  I have parsed my words regarding the gravity of the situation and what the future will be like for all in the West.  But no longer because here, in this quote, we have clear evidence of what is coming for all Europeans.

It is well established that the whole EU project, leading to complete and total political, economic, and social integration of Europe, is dependent on Angela Merkel's leadership in Germany and in Europe as a whole.  All progress in the EU project depends upon the political leadership of Germany bringing Germany along and Merkel has a clear record of support for the EU project.

Now, to what this quote REALLY means -- Merkel is upset because the social and legal controls that the ruling elites need in place to control the NATIVES of Europe are not completely in place and its causing problems because those same native Europeans are starting to protest and fight back and causing real problems for her and the political elites in Germany.

Look at the police response to these attacks across Europe (not just in Koln as posted earlier).

The police have made a direct effort to NOT find these invaders/criminals/animals and they have actively blocked accurate reporting of these incidents.  And this is not just about Germany -   look at the police response in the UK to the Rotherham sex ring run by Muslims.  Earlier today it was reported that at a music festival in Stockholm, girls under the age of 15 were sexually assaulted by "foreigners" last summer.

I repeat again for all those here to understand -- when push comes to shove, the secular governments in the West will choose the invaders over the natives.  The laws will be rewritten to protect them instead of the natives.

I titled this post, Merkel's Kristallnacht because Kristallnacht was on Nov. 9, 1938 where Nazis and Nazi sympathizers ransacked and destroyed thousands of Jewish properties across Germany.

This quote from Merkel takes you behind the veil and shows you that the ruling elites of Europe are planning the same thing -- the focused destruction of liberties and property.  Only this time, it's not the Jews that are the target (though they will be targeted as well), but the natives of Europe.  In its most crude definition, these Muslim invaders view Western women as the property of Western men and they are already raping, pillaging, and plundering.

They want your sisters, daughters, aunts, and cousins as slaves for them to abuse, rape and bear their children.

And where are you?  Dead.

Your churches?  Turned into mosques or destroyed.

The sounds of your town?  The call to prayer instead of church bells, or Beethoven...or even Bowie.

And what are the secular governments doing?  Nothing.  They are letting it happen -- just like the German police let attacks on Jews happen for years throughout Nazi Germany.

Unfortunately, all the compromised leaders of other institutions (like the Catholic Church to my great sadness) is on board this program and using empty morality and logic to justify these actions.

We cannot rely or trust our leaders anymore.  But we also must be clear about what we are and what we believe in and what we are willing to fight for.  I will address my suggestions in a later post.

But for now, it comes down to something very basic and primal -- survival.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Battle of Koln - recovery and reorganizing

News sources are reporting that the Chief of Police for Koln is retiring after the stunning collapse of his police on New Year's Eve to protect native Germans against the invaders welcomed by Frau Merkel and her Globalist-oriented government.

That's one.

I saw coverage of the protests in Koln on CNN this morning.  They nicely covered both protests.  The first one was the peaceful, feminist, pro-invader protest by confused, brainwashed Germans (mostly women).  The second one, highlighted by PEGIDA and others, was described as angry, racist, violent and far-right.  Clearly, the media are going to cover the events throughout the West this way in order to marginalize those who actually want to protect our families, communities, and civilizations. 

We cannot expect the mainstream media anywhere in the West to properly report what is going on.  Their vested interest is in the Globalist plan and in that scenario, like what we are seeing with the effort to create a global religion, is toward a global government that properly balances out the resources and power around the world rather than in the hands of westerners. 

But that shouldn't stop us from continuing to inform and educate because we have to balance out the misrepresentation of Islam as well as our governments.  We have to publish pictures online of these invaders.  We have to inform Western women throughout the West that they are targets so that more of these incidents don't occur.  And we need to be prepared to act because our governments will not. 

There was a tweet that linked to another site that I found disturbing, but necessary.  I will warn that the content within this article (words and descriptions only, no video or pictures) are disturbing.  But this is necessary in order to understand the Islamic threat that is now in our backyards, thanks to our leaders who DON'T have our interests at heart.

When Muslims rape and the Western Media looks the other way

These are the actions of an invading army.  This is how Islamic armies and Islamic men have acted since Mohammed. 

They won't stop until they are stopped.

Official Statement on Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio)

With regards to matters of law, when someone wants to make a claim or file a lawsuit, they need to have "standing."  Doing a quick search, I have found the following introduction to this topic on Wikipedia:

In law, standing or locus standi is the term for the ability of a party to demonstrate to the court sufficient connection to and harm from the law or action challenged to support that party's participation in the case. Standing exists from one of three causes:
  1. The party is directly subject to an adverse effect by the statute or action in question, and the harm suffered will continue unless the court grants relief in the form of damages or a finding that the law either does not apply to the party or that the law is void or can be nullified. This is called the "something to lose" doctrine, in which the party has standing because they directly will be harmed by the conditions for which they are asking the court for relief.
  2. The party is not directly harmed by the conditions by which they are petitioning the court for relief but asks for it because the harm involved has some reasonable relation to their situation, and the continued existence of the harm may affect others who might not be able to ask a court for relief. In the United States, this is the grounds for asking for a law to be struck down as violating the First Amendment, because while the plaintiff might not be directly affected, the law might so adversely affect others that one might never know what was not done or created by those who fear they would become subject to the law – the so-called "chilling effects" doctrine.
  3. The party is granted automatic standing by act of law.[1] Under some environmental laws in the United States, a party may sue someone causing pollution to certain waterways without a federal permit, even if the party suing is not harmed by the pollution being generated. The law allows them to receive attorney's fees if they substantially prevail in the action. In some U.S. states, a person who believes a book, film or other work of art is obscene may sue in their own name to have the work banned directly without having to ask a District Attorney to do so.
In the United States, the current doctrine is that a person cannot bring a suit challenging the constitutionality of a law unless the plaintiff can demonstrate that he/she/it is or will "imminently" be harmed by the law. Otherwise, the court will rule that the plaintiff "lacks standing" to bring the suit, and will dismiss the case without considering the merits of the claim of unconstitutionality. To have a court declare a law unconstitutional, there must be a valid reason for the lawsuit. The party suing must have something to lose in order to sue unless it has automatic standing by action of law.

Wikipedia article

 I have decided to present this background on standing within the law so that I may make the following statement:

I am claiming, as a member in good standing, of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the Body of Christ, that Pope Francis I, also known as Jorge Bergoglio, is no longer the Vicar of Christ, the Bishop of Rome, the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  

I am claiming standing within the Roman Catholic Church because of my membership, through the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and holy matrimony, and because his continued presence as the Vicar of Christ and Pope of the Roman Catholic Church presents imminent danger to my immortal Soul as created by God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  

My proof lies in the hundreds of statements from Jorge Bergoglio since he was elected by the College of Cardinals in 2013 of sacrilegious and heretical nature to suggest that he has divorced himself from his elected position.  In essence, he has resigned himself from the throne of St. Peter due to his heretical statements. 

The video above, with the direct words of Jorge Bergoglio and the images therein, visually and verbally approve of the heresy of Arianism, Modernism, and Pelagianism.  This video claims equivalency between Catholicism and Islam, Buddhism and other faiths.  Bergoglio claims that anybody who believes in any deity is a "child of god", directly contradicting the Gospels and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.  

He has directly contradicted the words of Christ in the Gospels to go and evangelize the world, saying that is not the purpose of the Church.  

He allows the desecration of the Eucharist at every Papal Mass, captured, for example, on video both in the Phillippines and in Washington, D.C.

And on 12/10/15, his Vatican promulgated this new document regarding the relationship between the Church and the Jews, essentially stating that the Church doesn't support the explicit conversion of the Jews because of their special relationship with the Father.  Unfortunately, that obviously disregards the saving nature of the 2nd person of the Trinity (as well as the 3rd, which Jews never recognize either).  When will the next step, under Nostra Aetate, when the Muslims won't need to convert either because of some mistaken understanding that Allah is the Father of the Trinity (which he obviously isn't.)

Bergoglio, as well as many other clerics of the Roman Catholic Church, are claiming equivalency between the Catholic Church, the church created by Our Lord himself, with all other faiths, necessarily created merely by man, in an attempt to consolidate the Catholic Faith into one "Global faith".  Bergoglio has directly refuted the claim of Christ himself that one cannot know the Father except through the Son by refuting that necessary saving nature of believing that Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is the Son of God, both fully God and fully man.

Since the Holy Spirit is the guide of the Church on Earth, and since Bergoglio has publicly taught and allowed other clerics to publicly teach heresy, I am claiming that he has divorced himself both from the position of Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and from the Faith.  

The Papacy is vacant.  The Church is without its primary earthly leader.  

Only by turning to the trinity - Father, Son and Holy Ghost - asking for mercy and guidance from Him, will the Church be able to recover and return to its mission and purpose.

Will ANY cleric have any courage to make the same statement?  How many other Catholics will make the same claim?

God Bless. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Betrayers (must read)

Here is a link to another article about the Battle of Koln.

Jihad in Germany

I encourage all of you to read this article COMPLETELY. 

These German politicians are doing exactly what I said they are intending to do.  The criminals aren't the invaders, but the German population that isn't "sensitive" enough to welcome these poor people who want nothing but peace.

I want it to become very clear to all who come here of exactly what I have been saying again and again again -- the western governments will choose the invaders over the natives.  We will be prosecuted.  Our rights will be taken away.  And they will continue to brainwash us into voting for it and supporting it. 

Take the red pill and open your eyes.

It is starting in Germany for all to see, but it won't end there. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

For whom the Bruno tolls

Just saw this on a Pewsitter link to JihadWatch, run by Robert Spencer:

Jihad Watch

Archbishop Bruno Forte, professional schemer within the Vatican and dedicated to all things Modernist and Globalist recently said that Islam teaches non-violence in the name of god. 

If you haven't noticed, this is the line that many in the West say about Islam.  But the people saying that also have a vested interest in convincing as many Westerners as possible that this is true.  Why?

Why do so many of our leaders, spiritual and secular, want Westerners to believe that Islam, the very nature and teachings of that faith, is non-violent, modern, and who pray to the same god that Christians and Jews pray to? 

Since it is plainly obvious to anybody with two brain cells to rub together that this is simply not true, to restate the question -- why do so many leaders in the West want Westerners to believe falsehoods about Islam? 

Just read through this link at all the evidence that Robert Spencer outlines that are direct tenets and teachings of Islam from the beginning.  The evidence is overwhelming and the historical record is clear.  But I wanted to post about this as well as provide this link because I want as many out there clear about the modernists and globalists in the Vatican who have been working for 55 years to convince Catholics that there are few, if any, differences between Islam and Christianity. 

These people are not to be trusted.  They betray the Lord and betray the oaths they have made to teach and serve the faithful.  They are committed to destroying everything to further an agenda that they choose to keep nebulous.  But trust your instincts -- something is rotten in the state of Rome.  And these comments by this conspirator are another piece of evidence if you needed convincing that these men are not to be trusted.  They must be viewed with suspicion and cynicism. 

The 1st Battle of Koln, 2016 (Hint: we lost)

Number of rosaries done in reparation for the desecration of the Eucharist:44

Number of people signed up for daily rosaries for this intention: 1

As reported by numerous news agencies, both European and American, there were significant issues between native Germans (specifically German women) and "Asian" men that resulted in dozens of sexual assualts...and no arrests.

Since I use this blog primarily to highlight issues that aren't getting due attention on other blogs and sites as well as analyze those same events, I don't focus on every little event in the Western and Catholic worlds.  Most events are highlighted enough for those who want to be educated and informed to get their information elsewhere.

But this situation is a tinder box that is going to blow sooner or later.

I have said this on several different posts and I will continue to state this so that all who come here are aware: the secular, democratically elected governments of the West will face a choice between the native population and the nomadic herds that have entered into the West.  I believe that the governments will choose the "other" over the natives.  And my first witness is what I am calling the 1st Battle of Koln.

To review, on New Years Eve, thousands of Germans will in the main city center of Koln celebrating the new year.  Within that context, at least 1000 middle eastern Muslims specifically targeted, sexually assaulted and robbed dozens of German women (as of right now, numbers could increase) throughout the night with no response by the Koln police.  In the days afterwards, German political leaders rushed to keep these assaults quiet and with elected officials like the current Koln Mayor (a German woman) deciding that guiding German women on how to act in the new Germany was a better approach than defending Koln, Koln's native women, and the overall German culture.

With this situation, you get a basic, yet clear, picture of the situation in the West.  The other, the invader, is preferred over the native.

This will not end well.  Muslim men will not just start treating Western women with respect and courtesy.  This will get worse and eventually German men will get their bollocks back and respond.  How harshly will they respond?  Nobody knows.  But the German male response will be used by the German government to try to restrict the rights of the natives in favor of the invaders.

And then what?

I don't know about all the others males out there, but I will not accept this behavior toward my mother, aunts, sisters, daughters, nieces, and female friends.  I will defend them with extreme prejudice. 

Enough with the politically correct, modernist tripe that is being used to control us, our thoughts and actions.  Enough being guilted into actions that only hurt us so that we aren't seen as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.  This is only rhetoric to keep us from acting in our self interest -- in this case, Western Civilization and Christendom.

The War is here everyone.  The battles are before us daily.  But these are only skirmishes to the larger battles that will ensue when the rivers will flow with blood.

 I am calling for Western Christian manhood to respond.  Are all of us so beaten down and scared to be men that we won't defend the women in our lives?  Have we all accepted that men really should be soft, weak, nice and passive?

Christian men of the West, rise up!!


Catholic Herald 

 This article was linked from Pewsitter and further emphasizes my points above.  The Provost for the Koln Cathedral made a public statement that shows where his heart lays -- with the invaders who aren't Catholic, Christian or European.

But since Pope Francis claims that we shouldn't proselytize and that you don't have to believe that Christ is the Son of God to be saved, then I guess this Provost is just "following orders". 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Thank God for Bishop Paprocki

Number of rosaries done in reparation for the desecration of the Eucharist:39

Number of people signed up for daily rosaries for this intention: 1

Those who have read past posts know that I have chosen to focus on the "dubious" Catholicism and leadership skills of Archbishop Blase Cupich.  I have used his own, directly quoted words, to show that given his charge as a bishop of the Catholic Church, he is in a dubious situation of violating his oaths as a bishop and a priest for propagating false teaching of the Church.  I have also asked Pope Francis to demand that he either recant of his publicly stated positions PUBLICLY or remove him from his post and begin proceedings to have him removed from the priesthood.

Finally, we have a current bishop who seems to agree with me on the premise of his heretical position.  As outlined in the link below:

Courageous Priest

Bishop Paprocki, bishop of Springfield, Illinois, has directly challenged both the legitimacy of Archbishop Cupich's public statements regarding the supremacy of personal conscience as well as the Archbishop himself to publicly clarify these statements so that the faithful are not confused about authentic Church teaching.

See, this is why we pray.

I don't believe that ALL the cardinals, bishops, and priests are the worst in the world and unbelievers.  Just most of them.  And it is the responsibility of those who do believe and driven by the Holy Spirit to correct those who aren't for the sake of the faithful, their souls and the future of the Church.  Not enough of these "good" clerics are bold enough to defend the orthodox faith in the face of Modernism, heresy and abomination.  Some don't because they have sworn oaths of fealty and authority to the bishops, cardinals and Pope Francis.

And in a properly ordered world, respect for authority is a true value.  But in the world that we live in now, where our authority figures in all fields must be viewed cynically, we cannot allow protocol protect those with vile intentions.

Our "good" clerics must understand that their first oath, their primary oath, is to serve God - Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  You cannot honor the one true God and a non-believing bishop at the same time.  The dignity of that bishop must be sacrificed in order to properly serve God.

Question to that independent reader out there (YOU!): Has your bishop publicly spoken about the proper context of personal conscience within the Catholic faith?

If not, maybe you should ask...