Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pope Francis and Neurotic Priests

Pewsitter ( recently had a link to the following Global Post article on Pope Francis's recent comments about seminarians, the priesthood, and proper formation.  His comments highlight the illness of the Vatican II church and can be read at the link below.

Some direct quote highlights from the Pontiff:

""I will tell you sincerely, I'm scared of rigid priests," he said. "I keep away from them. They bite!"

" "If you are sick, if you are neurotic, go and see a doctor, spiritual or physical," he added. "The doctor will give you pills. But, please, don't let the faithful pay for neurotic priests."

" "When a youngster is too rigid, too fundamentalist, I don't feel confident (about him). Behind it there is something he himself does not understand. Keep your eyes open!"

There is some editorializing within the article which is provocative and so rather than preach to the choir, I would rather use the Pontiff's own words. 

From a different Pope with a true Faith and dedication to his mission and purpose, I would actually be optimistic.  Any faithful Catholic who has had friendly relationships with numerous priests knows well the challenges of seminarians in the post-Vatican II environment.  And for a Pope to acknowledge those challenges and to say that things need to be done to ensure that they are handled appropriately would be a key step in fixing the problems in the clergy.  But from Pope Francis, they clearly further emphasize the need to purge any traditionalists from the clergy once and for all.

To say that the clergy is heavily compromised would be an understatement.  I suspect that what the seminaries around the world have produced is an unfaithful, progressive, priest that could very likely be an active homosexual.  Clearly this is not what Christ intended when he established the priesthood and picked his Apostles. 

As Father Z says, change the liturgy, change the world.  Well, to do that, you need to change the priesthood.  The Lord demands faithful priests.  Lay Catholics need faithful priests.  Change the priesthood and you change the liturgy that changes the world.  And by change, I don't mean married priests, female priests, etc.  I mean a return to the Christ's intention and will from the beginning.

Now, lets return to Pope Francis's comments and the true situation of the priesthood.

It is well known that many gay seminarians in the 40s and 50s hid their sexuality through excessive piety.  Once Vatican II changed the Church, and enough progressives were controlling the seminaries, the gay seminarians no longer had to hide and got on the change the church bandwagon.  In conjunction with that development, you have a change of focus on the formation of priests from the Faith to "social justice".  Is it unreasonable that this would create priests that don't believe?  Is it unreasonable to believe that Satan would take advantage of these temptations to attempt, again, to destroy the Church from within?

These comments by our Pope is further evidence that we have an anti-Pope in our presence.  No rational, faithful Catholic could agree with these comments.  To actively proclaim that traditional Catholic views, that ALL the SAINTS believed, is a mental illness that should be scanned for and prevented from becoming priests?  Is this not a declaration of war from those who hold positions of power but have removed themselves spiritually from Christ and his Church to those who serve Him?

The seminaries WILL be reformed.  We will get priests that are worthy of Him and the Sacraments. 

And barring a miracle from the Holy Spirit, these changes will NOT come from this Pope.

Now is the time to support your traditional priest.  Let them know that you appreciate their service and their faith.  Pray for them.  These are the priests that will sustain the Church when it will be most challenged.  We need them. 

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John Stefanyszyn said...

Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) said that 2% of clergy are paedophiles.
Neurotic clergy...what percentage (2 %, 10%, 25%,...?)
Then can it be also...
2% fornicators (homosexual) ...seems much greater than 2% (priests, bishops, cardinals)
2% fornicators with young (18yrs +) girls
2% fornicators with young (18yrs +) boys
2% fornicators with adult single women
2% fornicators with married women
2% fornicators with prostitutes
2% impregnated women
2% supported abortions
2% are liars (greater than 2%)
2% are thieves
2% are greedy for money ( much greater than 2%)
2% are power hungry (much greater than 2%)
2% facilitate crime
2% cover up crime
...and so on

And there is a common desire that the clergy and Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis), a self admitted active sinner, embrace and live by:
.....they all (100%) believe in their freedom...freedom of self-rights, self-will....freedom of religion...freedom of all religions
....the freedom and right to worship ANY 'god'.

BUT the Lord Jesus Christ said that we are to worship ONLY the One Creator, for there is no other, and Him Alone to SERVE in obedience and for Him First and Foremost and love for, to do GOOD TO the fellow man.