Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Return

I started this blog in 2007 because I felt compelled to share my thoughts, ideas, perceptions, concerns, and passions.  I thought that I could influence, in some way, how others thought about the things that matter.

I then I abandoned this blog.

Given my recent activity on Twitter (@JamesTScorpio) I feel even stronger that a blog is necessary for me to retain my sanity in an insane world.  Also, as a nod to the Holy Spirit, I happen to come across this blog today.  Thank you Holy Spirit for the assistance.

I do not expect any readers to agree with my worldview in total.  But I do expect, if you read my posts and links, to have some effect on how any readers see things and views the world.  It's a far more dangerous place than most in the West realize and like in The Matrix, things aren't what they seem.

A primary focus of this blog will be the Catholic Church.  Things are happening that will be concerning to many, confusing to others, and joyous for some.  However much we would like them to not happen, everyone has to pay the Piper someday.

As future reference, I will not read every comment posted and I will only respond to those that seem to have some level of intelligence.

Thank you all who come here and take the time to read what I post.  I hope you are edified from what this blog has to offer.

The Return of the King

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