Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Inspirations -- Part 1

Rather than posting on Easter about the inspirational quality of Easter, I've chosen to wait a few days to gain perspective.

Of course, Easter is only an inspiration of what I'm writing about today -- not the subject matter. I wish to discuss Europe...over several parts.

PART 1 (European Monarchies)

Being of European stock (only three generations removed from the Old World) and with a great appreciation for European and Western Civilization, I can't help but grow increasingly disenchanted by the current status. Yes, it is true that you can't discount the two world wars for the road that Europe has traveled. But what is transpiring is nothing less than suicide. Any rights that Europe had to the claim of being the fountainhead of culture have been summarily destroyed for several reasons. And this progression ultimately began in the 16th century.

The three pillars of European society since the Christianization of the Roman Empire where the Church, the Monarchy, and the Aristocracy. Do any of them exist in Europe any longer?

The death of monarchy, beginning in 1789 with the gross and abhorrent French Revolution that incorporated only the worse aspects of humanity and without an understanding of the archetypal nature of man, has reached an equilibrium. Not one of the current monarchies in Europe have any real power other than as figureheads for their "kingdoms" and all of them are too scared to say anything other than the most politically correct statements less their "subjects" vote them off their thrones. Their modern purpose, out of fear of being replaced by a "president", have made them antithetical to their true purpose within society. Rather than heeding the "republicans" (more likely socialists) call for the end of monarchy once and for all, Europeans should embrace monarchy and allow it to gain a level of power that will stabilize their countries, and allow these newer regimes an opportunity to connect with their past histories.

Of course, I am not arguing for absolute monarchies like you would find in other parts of the world. But a constitutional monarchy, with the Monarch as head of the Executive, would greatly enhance the cultural quality of these countries and allow for leadership to emerge. Europe lacks leaders with true understanding, true vision, and true legitimacy. This could resolve at least some of those problems because the original intent of monarchy, from its ancient foundations, was to provide leadership crucial to the survival of the community. The King was the leader and how he acted, the choices he made, and the way he lead his people reflected upon the health and well-being of his community. What else can be said of Europe other than its dying and does this reflect upon the lack of leadership within the countries of Europe? I think so.

Thus, what I am arguing is a rebirth in monarchy enabled through it's divine purpose. Monarchs are rarely divinely guided (mostly through human free will mistakes), but they can begin the process of these ancient civilizations within the larger Western civilization regain the integrity of their heritage. Think of the great Polish-Lithuanian territories of the 14th and 15th centuries -- at the time the largest in Europe. What could a new Polish Monarch, in the mold of the Great King John Sobieski, do for that embattled land of loyal and penitent peoples? Think of how that King could unite the lands of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belorussia and the Ukraine -- an area with great potential but still recovering from the repeated rapes of their cultures and peoples by other empires, most recently, the Nazis and Soviets.

Easter is about rebirth and a new start filled with the Grace of God. What else does Europe need but exactly that?

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